April 2022 - By Mediator Tom King, J.D.
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Law School Rankings & News
Texas A&M School of Law (#46) is the 2nd highest ranked law school in Texas. UT Law is in a 3-way tie for #17. We now have 2 law schools in the Top 50. I congratulated Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp. His response? "Only one more school in Texas to pass." A&M Law Dean Bobby Ahdieh tells me when A&M purchased Texas Wesleyan School of Law in 2013, it was about #180. Baylor & SMU tied for #58.
Thurgood Marshall School of Law did our Harris County Field Trip on April 1st with a special ceremony in the First Court of Appeals with Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt, Judge Michael Fields, former TSU President/TMSL Dean James Douglas, District Attorney Kim Ogg, District Clerk Marilyn Burgess and TMSL alumnus Houston City Councilman Edward Pollard. If you haven't been in this court room, you are missing out. Fox TV 26 covered the event.
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Lawyer Easter Joke
You’re sitting at a table with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and an honest lawyer. There is $5,000 on the table. Who gets the money? You would, because the other 3 are fictitious characters!