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Digital Intangibles: How NFTs Transform the World of Art and Sports Memorabilia
An NFT is unique digital object that represents the digital asset or a particular right in the underlying asset. When a particular piece of digital art is tokenized with an NFT, the data (artist information, signature, purchaser history, etc.) is stored on the blockchain.

Because the blockchain is both immutable and open source, anyone can view the digital provenance of a particular NFT. While this also means that anyone can view the piece of digital art, as is the case with most high-value tangible art, true ownership of the art is stored on the blockchain which, in theory, should create a strong market for authenticated ownership that parallels that of tangible pieces of art.
IP as a Business Asset: 5 Takeaways from Educating the Next Generation of Business Leaders
 I predict that IP will become an integral part of business education in 10-15 years, as more electives are offered by MBA programs, and as other efforts are being made to bring IP awareness into mainstream business management. 

Careful planning needs to go into making IP classes relevant and engaging for business students, but this will eventually result in better IP management decision being made across organizations.
kForesight Blog

This webinar will address the key considerations related to data protection and monetization, while exploring some of the leading business models in the market today. The speaker will specifically address the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model and some of its key metrics, while also addressing the basic approaches to data valuation.More Info

IPAS 2021 is an international gathering of IP owners, creators, educators, lawyers, students, organizations and investors, all with a common goal – to explore ways to make IP rights and their benefits meaningful to diverse audiences. Efrat will speak on a panel on April 29th titled: "How can schools better teach students about intellectual property"?

IPAS 2021 hosts are the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding and the Kellogg School of Business, Center for Research in Technology and Innovation. More Info
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