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April News and Events
Child Abuse Prevention Month
Every April, we celebrate Child Abuse Prevention Month – a time to plant the seeds of a better tomorrow for all children and families. Did you know that we all have a role to play in the healthy development of children in our community? In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, we encourage you to focus on what is strong in every family rather than what is wrong. When we support families, we are helping ensure that children grow up in safe, nurturing environments. Remember, all parents need help sometimes. There are so many ways you can contribute to happy childhoods, several of which are listed in this newsletter.
Impact Story
Grocery Store Grace
In 2020, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona conducted focus groups with parents and family-serving professionals statewide through the Lean On Me AZ, a project funded by Casey Family Programs. Out of the thirteen statewide focus groups, almost every group mentioned a version of the same scenario – a parent in the grocery store dealing with their child's tantrum. Some felt burned by scornful looks; others felt ashamed when shoppers verbalized their judgment with the remark, “Can’t you keep your kid under control?”

Truthfully, no one believes parenting is easy. So, why does our community act as if it should be? Why should we believe that parents can prevent and control developmentally normal behaviors such as tantrums? Shame brands parents’ memories for a lifetime. Some of the parents in the Lean On Me AZ focus groups were well beyond rearing young children, but they still recalled feelings of judgment as if it happened yesterday. However, some participants equally remembered positive experiences. One participant recollected a time in which an older woman gazed at her chaotic scene with a gentle smile. When they locked eyes, she chuckled and said, “I remember those days. Your daughter is strong-willed! It will serve her well when she is your age.” The participant felt seen, understood, and accepted.

Parenting is hard. Parents need to feel supported by their communities. Together, we can empower parents through a simple smile or acknowledgment. That might be the grace they need to take a deep breath and brave another public scene. In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, consider how you may support parents during your next grocery store visit. Perhaps it is a smile to the parent. Or, maybe it is treasuring the child by sparking a conversation with them. Some of the most powerful forms of prevention are simple, and they start with you!

Speaking of grocery stores, Bashas’ across Arizona are providing every shopper an opportunity to donate to Prevent Child Abuse Arizona and two other organizations focused on ending child abuse at check-out. Thank you, Bashas’ and Bashas’ shoppers!
The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
The federal government's $1.9 trillion stimulus package includes $250 million for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) grants and $150 million for the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program! After a year of steadfast advocacy and determination, this critical funding for children and families was incorporated into the legislation to strengthen our nation after calamity. Now, we have the opportunity to express our collective "Thank You" to our members of Congress for this vital support for our communities.
Today in Prevention
Celebrate Child Abuse Prevention Month by Learning!
Prevent Child Abuse Arizona offers an array of virtual professional development opportunities, including webinars by our very own staff and special guests! Visit the link below to view the full lineup for Child Abuse Prevention Month, including a special CAP month six-webinar series on the Strengthening FamiliesTM Protective Factors.
Registration Opens on April 15th!
The 2021 Child Abuse Prevention Conference will be held virtually on July 13 & 14. Now in its 27th year, this conference brings hundreds of professionals from a variety of sectors across Arizona for two days of learning, inspiration, networking, connecting, and brainstorming. Registration opens April 15th with an early-bird rate of $130! From May 1-June 30, the rate is $150; late registration will be $180. Scholarship information will be available soon at
Changing Social Norms about Help-Seeking as a Prevention Strategy
The FRIENDS National Center has convened teams from six states along with national partners to form the Prevention Mindset Institute—an ambitious effort to reimagine child welfare systems. One critical issue is how social norms around seeking help can promote or stand in the way of families getting the timely support they need to prevent involvement with the child welfare system. Learn more and join a dialogue about how to center help-seeking as a prevention strategy.
Children are locally grown. The environment surrounding our community’s children is critical to their successful development. Thus, we work together to cultivate relationships, connections, and environments that help every child thrive. You can make a difference in providing fertile ground for families to thrive. Give a helpful smile to a parent in the grocery store, get to know your neighbor, or donate to Prevent Child Abuse Arizona. You can nurture your community. We harvest what we sow. Let’s do it together.
Shop at Bashas’ the Entire Month of April to Help Prevent Child Abuse!
This month, Bashas’ is helping to prevent child abuse in Arizona through their round-up campaign, which will benefit Child Crisis Arizona, Crisis Response Network, and Prevent Child Abuse Arizona. Any time you shop at any Bashas' in April, you will have an opportunity to donate to our shared cause.
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