April 2020 Issue

CPWC Members,

Spring Greetings! As nature blooms we are reminded that nothing is permanent. Just as winter eventually yields to the rebirth of Spring, in time the pandemic will fade and open a door to a new beginning.

While we can't be with you to celebrate and connect in person, we can keep the spirit of our 50th anniversary and our sense of community alive. Please remember to reach out if you need help with errands. Or if you simply want someone to talk to!

Thank you to Julie Lischer, who compiled some CPWC history for this newsletter; a way to honor our anniversary while apart. In the same spirt, while our field trip to The Atlantic Botanical gardens is canceled, we ask you to join us in celebrating the roots of our club by posting a photo of what's blooming in your garden, today or in years past, to our private CPWC Facebook page. If you don't use Facebook but have a photo to share, please e-mail it to Julie Lischer and she will post on your behalf.

Together in spirt,
Belinda and  Chris
HistoryMusings from 50 Years of Minutes - Things I've Learned as Historian

A lot of change but so much stays the same...

by Julie Lischer, Communications Chair and Historian
  • 1980, the Marietta Council of Garden Clubs awarded CPWC with the "Most New Members" award.
  • March 1994, An Easter Affair was hosted by CPWC at American Adventures on Cobb Parkway. Tickets included admission, hotdogs, Coke and a jellybean contest. Net proceeds benefited Cobb County's Open Gate a shelter for abused and neglected children.
  • August 1994, the minutes noted the Club's community service would focus on neighborhood, youth and Senior citizens. That same year the first meeting featured a fur and jewelry show. Dues were $20.
  • Sept. 1994, Chattahoochee Plantation Community Association (CPCA) President was Joel Brenner. It was noted only 200 of the 600 homes participated.
  • Oct. 21, 1994, there was discussion "Do we want to be a purely social club or a  social club plus charitable donations?" Due to fundraising not being as successful as hoped.
  • April 1995 a joint CPCA and Women's club family day was planned at McFarlane Park. The Homeowners Assoc provided hamburgers and hot dogs and the CPWC planned entertainment - possibly old-fashioned games. It was held July 4 and included a performance by Dr. Bob and the East Cobb Snobs. Also this month, discussion took place about hiring landscapers for the neighborhood entrances.
  • May 1995 it was pointed out that everyone who lives in ACC is a member of the Homeowners Assoc. The dues are $50 per year. 
  • March 1996, the speaker was a hypnotherapist, certified dream interpreter and reflexologist.
  • April 1996, Phyllis Wright suggested the idea to get a phone line and/or voice mail box has been rejected. It was felt that the members enjoy talking with each other and are able to communicate other club news and views as they respond to meeting notices, etc.
  • Sept. 1996 volunteers helped plant flowers at ACC entrances. Russ Kenner was CPCA Chairman.
  • 1997, dues were $30 and the opening luncheon was $20.
  • January 1997, Plans were underway for new neighborhood entrances with Russ Kenner CPCA Chairman regarding fundraising.
  • March 1997, there was discussion of property off Columns Dr. being rezoned to higher density.  = Rivercliff
  • Oct. 1997 a sign was erected on Paper Mill at ACC drive prohibiting right hand turns onto ACC Dr. between the hours of 7-8:30 am except school busses. No decision had been made regarding upgrading the entrance signs (1996-project cost est. $60,000).
  • Nov. 1997, Plans were discussed for widening Columns Dr. and adding non-vehicle lanes.
  • Dec. 1998, a petition for or against speed bumps in our neighborhood was circulated.  That same year a Holiday Tour of homes took place during the daytime slot as was done for many years.
  • April 1999, a meeting was held in the home of Anne Whittlesy (my current house). Moss covered planters were demonstrated in my garage by Kathy LaBarbara.
  • 1999, we had a spring fashion show hosted by Banana Republic and proceeds of $23,000 benefited Canine Assistants.



Let's Play a Game!

Answer the following True or False questions. Email me at  chattahoocheepwc@gmail.com with your answers. Your email must be received by April 18th! I will put all the correct answer contributors' names in a hat for a drawing. The winner receives a $25 gift card to Trader Joes. Good luck!

True or False -- 

1. CPWC once had a bowling league.

2. CPWC provided funds for the permanent restroom facilities at McFarlane Park.

3. At a fundraiser, we once auctioned off a pet exam for Montrose Animal Hospital valued at $35.

4. Our Opening Luncheon was once held at 103 West.

5. Neiman Marcus once presented a fashion show at our Opening Luncheon.

Most of the April interest group events have been canceled. However, please see a few updates below.
  • Yoga: CPWC members are welcome to join Belinda Vogel's Zoom classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am. Download Zoom and use this link: Join Zoom Meeting
    https://zoom.us/j/925978788   Meeting ID: 925 978 788
  • Evening Book Club: We are scheduled to meet at Cathy Snyder's home on April 28th but most likely that will be canceled. In order to keep current with their readings, the group will read "The Woman in the Window," by A.J. Finn. The club will notify the group after the 24th of April when CPWC will assess its involvement in the group activities.  
  • Hiking: Our April 9th Big Canoe Hike is unfortunately canceled. We will try to plan it for another time. However,  you can still be thinking about our October 18-20 hike to the Hike Inn at Amicalola Falls. This is a moderate 5-mile hike from the Falls to the Hike Inn. We will stay the night, then hike the next day to Springer Mountain Or just hang for the day at the Inn! After spending a second night at the Inn, we will hike the 5 miles back down the mountain to head home. This will be our 4th year to do this hike and it has been a really fun experience. You are welcome to make reservations at any time. They allow you to cancel up to 7 days prior and they tend to book up early so don't delay! So grab a hiking buddy and make your reservations. Let me know when you have done this, so I can keep track. Please contact me with any questions you might have. Stay safe and stay well!  Jean Dole (404) 433-5551 
  • Savvy Women: All events will be postponed until September. Please do enjoy the beautiful Spring weather, stay healthy and find Love and Laughter each day. We'll look forward to seeing you soon!
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