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Dear CCCA Friends,

We are one month away from the 2018 Annual Municipal Seminar! I can't help but wonder where the year went as my term as President of CCCA comes to a conclusion. CCCA staff is hard at work, planning and coordinating a unique and exciting conference with the City of South Gate. Many of you have seen the title of the conference, Leading with a Purpose, The Unconference Conference. Our goal for this year's conference is to bring depth and leadership on policy issues our cities confront each and every day. If you haven't already registered and would like to join us in Indian Wells, click here .
Since the start of the year, CCCA has been adding our voices to policy positions with lawmakers in Sacramento. Bills such as AB 3162 and SB 1317, both addressing the overconcentration of rehabilitation facilities, are prime examples of CCCA and its members working to find solutions to problems at the local level. However, when it comes to bills that distort and pre-empt local control, such as SB 827, you can rest assured our Association is organizing and working on the ground to defend our cities' ability to be the voices for our communities. If you would like to learn more about the legislative bills or state ballot measures CCCA is working on, I would encourage you to check out CCCA's Policy Resource page at and submit your own positions when necessary.
As I reflect on my year leading the Association, I am thankful to my colleagues on the Executive Board and our Committees for their work on behalf of our Cities. They've dedicated their time to growing our membership, improving our by-laws, and expanding our voice on policy issues. Recently, our Executive Board organized a successful call-to-action supporting a motion by LA County Supervisors Barger and Solis that directed the County to develop a short-term retention plan to address the staffing shortages at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD). Our fellow members from the cities of Paramount, Pico Rivera, Artesia, Norwalk, and Palmdale attended the Board of Supervisors Meeting and spoke passionately supporting the measure. Our Legislative Committee is continuing to study the staffing issue and are currently working with our partners at LASD and ALADS to find a workable solution.  I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to get to know our committees, be active, and engage in every aspect of our Association.
With another successful year  almost behind us, I am proud to say our Association continues to grow. I hope you will join me on April 18 for my final Board of Directors meeting as President of CCCA. The meeting will be held at the Rose Bowl Stadium, where we will be sure to enjoy some good food and a tour of the most famous college football stadium in the Country.   It has been a true honor and privilege to serve as this year's President and thanks to everyone for your great support.   I have every confidence that Jorge will do a wonderful job as President next year and I look forward to working with him in furthering the goals of the organization.



Mike Davitt
California Contract Cities Association 

March City Manager's Meeting 

In March, the City Manager's Committee hosted Michele Hanisee, President of the Deputy District Attorneys' Association. Michelle spoke about the current impacts of AB 109, Prop 47/57, and current efforts to reform issues within criminal justice system, including the Keep California Safe Initiative. Contract Cities is a proponent of the initiative. To learn more about the initiative, click here.
New Members Elected to  Liability Trust Fund Oversight Committee
Members of the Oversight Committee vote on settlement actions and direct County counsel on matters relating to claims against the County.

South Patrol
 - Ernie Hernandez (Hawaiian Gardens)

South Patrol Alternate - John Moreno (Paramount)

Central Division Alternate - Christian Hernandez (Cudahy)

Legislative Update
AB 1912 (Rodriguez) Public employees' retirement: joint powers agreements: liability
Position Oppose  ( pdf)  

Under the Joint Exercise of Powers Act, if the agency is not one or more of the parties to the agreement but is a public entity, commission, or board constituted pursuant to the agreement, the debts, liabilities, and obligations of the agency are the debts, liabilities, and obligations of the parties to the agreement, unless the agreement specifies otherwise. Current law also permits a party to an agreement to separately contract for, or assume responsibilities for, specific debts, liabilities, or obligations of the agency. Current law, with respect to electrical loads, permits entities authorized to be community choice aggregators to participate as a group through a joint powers agency and to also specify in their joint powers agreement that the debts, liabilities, and obligations of the agency shall not be those of the members of the agency. This bill would eliminate the above provisions within the Joint Exercise of Powers Act and those related provisions for community choice aggregators that permit an agreement between one or more parties to specify otherwise as to their debts, liabilities, and obligations and that permit a party to separately contract for those debts, liabilities, or obligations.

AB 2214 (Rodriguez) Recovery Residences
Position Support

Current law provides for the licensure and regulation of community care facilities by the State Department of Social Services. Current law also provides for the licensure and regulation by the State Department of Health Care Services of adult alcoholism and drug abuse recovery and treatment facilities for adults. This bill would, among other things, define a "recovery residence" as a residential property that is operated as a cooperative living arrangement to provide an alcohol and drug-free environment for persons recovering from alcoholism or drug abuse, or both, who seek a living environment that supports personal recovery.

AB 2495 (Mayes)  Prosecuting attorneys: charging defendants for the prosecution costs of criminal violations of local ordinances
Position: Oppose

Current law establishes various procedures applicable to criminal prosecutions. This bill would prohibit a city, county, or city and county, including an attorney acting on behalf of a city, county, or city and county, from charging a defendant for the costs of investigation, prosecution, or appeal in a criminal case, including, but not limited to, a criminal violation of a local ordinance.

AB 3162 (Friedman) Alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities
Position: Support ( pdf)

Current law provides for the licensure and regulation of alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities serving adults by the State Department of Health Care Services, as prescribed. This bill would require, for any licensing application submitted on or after January 1, 2019, the department to deny an application for a new facility license, if the proposed location is in proximity to an existing facility that would result in overconcentration, as defined.

SB 992 (Hernandez) Alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities
Position: Support ( pdf)

Would change the definition of "alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facility" to include facilities that provide residential nonmedical services for less than 24 hours in a day, thereby subjecting additional facilities to the above-referenced licensing and regulatory requirements applicable to those facilities. This bill contains other related provisions.

SB 25 (Portantino) Elections: ballot order
Position: Support ( pdf)

Current law specifies the order of precedence of offices on the ballot, beginning with nominees for President and Vice President to be listed under the heading, PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT, and ending with directors or trustees for each district to be listed under the heading, DISTRICT. Measures submitted to the voters appear after district directors or trustees. Current law authorizes a county elections official to vary the order for certain offices and measures submitted to the voters, in order to allow for the most efficient use of space on the ballot in counties that use a voting system, as defined. This bill would repeal the above provisions and establish a revised order of precedence of offices on the ballot requiring that local offices and measures appear first and be listed under the heading, CITY/LOCAL.
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Member Highlight

Nanette Fish
Mayor Pro Tem
Temple City

Recently named Mayor Pro Tem, Nanette Fish was first elected to the City Council in 2015. Mayor Pro Tem Fish previously served on the Parks & Recreation Commission for 10 years and as the director of the Temple City Camellia Festival for 7 years. She is heavily involved and invested in the community, and hopes to continue to help enrich the quality of life for the residents of Temple City.

Associate Member Highlight

Stifel was founded in 1890 and has expanded to become one of the nation's premier wealth management and investment banking firms. Stifel is the nation's #1 underwriter of negotiated bond issues and is committed to the California municipal market. In 2017, Stifel successfully underwrote 229 California municipal bond issues totaling over $7.5 billion. Stifel's investment bankers, salespeople, and our California-based underwriters have extensive experience with California municipal credits.  For more information regarding Stifel's services, please contact Jose Vera, Managing Director .