Gazette Monthly  |  April 2016
I have officially moved up to the Ranch! And it couldn't have come soon enough. Staff has reported for duty at the Ranch and I'm so happy with our team, and the excitement throughout the ranch! I also have Pandora, my cat, up here with me and she's settling in great. Everyone is so eager for the season start, and to finally meet the guests we've been planning so long for. 

Before the guests, we get to meet the horses though. The herd was brought down Wednesday, and everyone is getting cleaned up and having their feet trimmed for spring. Huge thank you to Robert for staying on and helping with the monumental transition of the care of these 101 horses: the bed rock of our business and our partners in multiple ways.

We are all excited to see the snow go; as beautiful as the winter was up here it's time to start exploring the amazing land we're stewarding! 

- Taylor Ormiston
Vancouver Outdoor Travel Show & Kamloops Cowboy Festival Winners!

We had a fantastic time at both The Vancouver Outdoor Travel and Adventure Show and the Kamloops Cowboy Festival.  It was so great to meet guests old and new, and share our passion with the people who make it all possible! 

Congratulations to our winners: 
  • Outdoor Travel & Adventure Show:
    Jessica Wright
  • Kamloops Cowboy Festival:
    Bultjosey Dowdell
Winners, please e-mail us to receive your prizes!

At the Flying U we're dedicated to ensuring a memorable ranch experience for our guests from the horse riding to the lake activities, right down to the food on your plate. 

Our belief at the ranch is that a true home-cooked meal is the best way to experience country living, especially when the ingredients come from the land you've come to explore. So you can expect our food to be locally sourced and naturally grown in our own backyard as much as we can. Live, breath and taste the flavours of the scenic Cariboo here at the Flying U Ranch.

You'll be guided in the early morning by the scent of fresh home-baked bread down to the lodge where you can enjoy a hearty and satisfying breakfast before your day's ride. We're bringing in new fryers into the kitchen to bring variety into our afternoon and evening meals, we're excited to share our new menu with you!

Take a look at our menu and meet the kitchen staff that'll be serving you country love on a silver platter! 
Exclusive Look at Our May Dinner Menu!
Monday - Succulent cordon bleu with a crisp spinach salad, hearty potato bread, and vegetables right from our garden. Finishing off with a classic apple crisp.
Tuesday - Thick juicy pork chops paired with country-style baked beans, caesar salad, foccacia bread, and garden fresh vegetables. For dessert, our home recipe of the pineapple upside down cake.
Wednesday - Homemade beef lasagna coupled with a fresh caesar salad and oven baked garlic bread. Make sure you leave room for our decadent chocolate cake!
Thursday - Saucy and savory spareribs with a home-made coleslaw, fresh baked dinner rolls, and garden-to-table vegetables. Topping it off with a tasty lemon meringue.

- A premium rubbed sirloin tip with a light coleslaw, home-baked garlic bread, and seasonal vegetables picked from the garden and paired perfectly with your steak. If you have room, try our signature carrot cake.
Saturday - Your choice of our barbecued Buffalo hamburgers or veggie burger, with a crisp tossed salad and vinaigrette, hearty potato bread, and a platter of assorted Flying U garden vegetables. To celebrate the land that offers our finest ingredients, a seasonal pie for dessert.
Sunday - A mouth-watering pork roast with a fresh caesar salad, chef baked dinner rolls, assortment of seasonal vegetables, and silky smooth mashed potatoes. Make room on your plate for our chef's famous cheesecake!
Kitchen Staff - Introducing Our Head Chef
Laura Davis - Head Chef
Dale Harris - First Cook

Laura and Dale relocated to the South Cariboo from Vancouver Island 8 months ago. They knew if they did not take this opportunity to relocate their family, they would regret it always. They wanted to teach their young children self sufficiency, including growing produce on a larger scale, and raising their own meat. Laura finds it ironic that after many summers spent enjoying Green Lake recreationally, she is how a significant part of it's history in her home at the Flying U kitchen. Both Laura and Dale's culinary experience began in Banff/ Lake Louise, and their resumes grew together from Alberta to southern BC, and now into the Cariboo. Their partnership has endured 20 odd years, and continues to thrive; they are happy now not only to share their land with their three children, but also their three mares, and all the deer, moose, coyotes, and grouse that call Green Lake Home. 

Their cooking philosophy?

"It tastes better when you have cultivated it"
Kim Holland - Second Cook

Kim  will be returning to the Flying U as second cook. She is "super excited to get back in that kitchen and do my thing"!  Kim  says her time at The U has not only been the best job she's had but some of the most positive experiences in general: the staff, the weddings, the kids that come every year, guests, the square dancing, riding: it's a big family that all work together. She is also looking forward to working with all the new staff and getting to know one another, and seeing faces old and new in what's shaping up to be the best season yet!


We've teamed up with Dr. Herman Geertsema  and Nick Buck to create "The Ultimate Outdoorsman" experience. 

This is an extended course where you'll undergo the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, receive your PAL Certification (you can also take the Core Certification as well) and learn how to confidently survive in the Canadian wilderness. Dr. Herman Geertsema with great experience in hunting leads the firearms course, while Nick Buck shares his knowledge of survival skills from his time in Norway's frozen mountains to Morocco's deserts. 


We've brought on Steve Harris to help look after our horses and lead our new trail rides! Steve has decades of horse experience specifically in tourism. He's led countless groups on rides ranging from hours to days all over the province of British Colombia. Originally from Prince George, BC, Steve could not have been happier to meet the Flying U herd. The only thing better than the horses? The guests! Steve will be on of our signature cowboys, and is confident he can coax out his same passion and enthusiasm for riding in even the most timid horsemen. 
Our mini herd of rag-tag animals continues to grow!

Jeanette's brood began with her four dogs, who follow her everywhere. We would like to introduce the newest members:

Lemon Drop is an eight-month old bottle goat that goes everywhere Jeanette does. She loves people, and will hop into your arms like a puppy!

Daisy Duke is a nanny goat that is just as friendly! She enjoys cocktail hour in the saloon, and supervising Robert and Nick as they work on the horses. 

Willow is our pregnant Burrow (mini donkey), and while she's still a little unsure of all the hustle and bustle of ranch life, she's slowly warming up to all of us! Willow is due in July. 

The Pigs: We have brought up three Pot Belly Pigs and one large sow from a rescue in the Lower Mainland. They are all super friendly, and adjusting to their new digs under Jeanette's care. 
Summer is our busiest time of year, make sure you reserve your stay with us today!
Between April 30 and May 18, 2016
Take advantage of early spring in the Cariboo! 

(1 boat per group booking)
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