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DATES TO KNOW (Click calendar image for details)

April 2: Municipal elections

April 26: Professional Development day; no school

April 29: Teacher Comp day; no school

Click here to read the MRH 5-year Strategic Plan "Honoring Our History, Shaping Our Future" 

In this edition of What's Happening at MRH:

  • Collective bargaining agreement for teachers
  • Re-enrollment for before/after care opens today
  • Family communications survey results
  • Watch candidates forum ahead of Board of Ed. election
  • Superintendent's community conversations series continues
  • Prepping for the coming solar eclipse

MRH Board Approves Collective Bargaining With Teachers 

In a historic move, the MRH Board of Education has approved a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with teachers. It is the first such agreement between the District and the Maplewood Richmond Heights National Education Association (MRHNEA) since the two groups shifted to a Compensation/Benefits Task Force system more than two decades ago.


In October 2023, the MRHNEA indicated its interest in bargaining. Members voted unanimously to move forward with CBA efforts earlier this year. On March 28, the MRH Board of Education certified the election results and approved the agreement, which can be found on the District website. The CBA is effective from July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025.  

“The MRHNEA is pleased to have ratified our first collective bargaining agreement with the District in over 20 years,” said Early Childhood Center instructor Annie Rothenberg. “I was honored to lead the Union bargaining team with Rich McCollum to do this important work with the District. We believe it is the first step in addressing some issues impacting teacher morale and retention. I want to express my appreciation for the collaborative effort of the administrators and teachers who participated in the bargaining sessions. We look forward to continuing to make progress in improving working conditions for teachers and student outcomes.”

“The negotiating team spent countless hours in this process, and I’m very appreciative of the collaborative spirit they brought to the negotiations,” said Dr. Shonda Ambers-Phillips, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. “We are confident that Collective Bargaining will align with our Strategic Plan by improving teacher working conditions, ensuring fair compensation and benefits and enhancing educational quality for students and staff.”

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • New teachers may apply up to 15 years of experience in previous workplaces to their MRH salary schedules
  • Continued commitment by the District to pay 100% of insurance premiums
  • Pre-K teachers will now also receive 250 planning minutes weekly
  • Tuition reimbursement increases to cover the cost of 3 credit hours per semester at the University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Paid parental leave days will double to 20 per school year
  • The hourly rate for “extra duty” work (i.e. curriculum-writing, student supervision, professional development training) increases to $33/hour
  • One extra day of paid time off for each overnight “expedition” (off-site learning)

The CBA negotiating team includes District administrators Dr. Bonita Jamison, Dr. Shonda Ambers-Phillips, Chris Hoelzer, Nicole Huffman and Dr. Chris McGee; MRHNEA members Annie Rothenberg, Rich McCollum, Scott Greife-Wetenhall, Jenna Muskus, Stacey Schwab, Sarah Macky, Mindy McBride, Tate Haugen, Angie Mitchell, Bethany Nobbe, Amy Williams, and David Ganey; MRH legal counsel Cindy Ormsby; and Kari Estes of the Missouri NEA. 

Paraprofessionals Day This Week

Wednesday, April 3 is Paraprofessionals Day. We have many paraprofessionals across MRH who serve a variety of supporting roles in our schools. They support students as well as teachers and possess an array of skills. The National Education Association describes this calling as a group who may assist by supporting students in need of a specific routine, additional mental health support, help with learning conditions, self-esteem concerns, and teach skills essential for the classroom such as self-regulation. 

When reflecting on the challenges of the role, Special School District teaching assistant Kiearra Fowler said, “Paraprofessionals can make an essential difference both for individual kids and for classroom achievement and harmony, holistically."

This Wednesday, consider saying a special “thank you,” sending a kind note or email of appreciation to the paraprofessionals who work in your building or child’s classroom. Let’s show our gratitude to these learning guides for their dedication and patience with our diverse learners.  

Before/After Care Re-Enrollment Begins Today!

The MRH School District recognizes the need to support families with options for childcare beyond the regular school day. Our District understands the challenges that families face in balancing their professional responsibilities with their children's educational and recreational needs. Our programs are designed to support families outside the regular school day when students can participate in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Preschool and Kindergarten utilize the Discover Club program; 1st-6th grades utilize the Y-Club program which is operated by the Mid-County YMCA.

Re-enrollment will open for all currently enrolled Discover Club and Y-club families today, April 1.

On May 1, open enrollment for all NEW families needing before and after care will begin.

Family Communications Survey Results

This past winter, the MRH Communications Department appealed to all families in the District to complete a follow-up survey with questions about the weekly newsletters and messages received from our principals and classroom teachers. The survey was intended to gauge families' level of satisfaction with such newsletters since the original survey in the spring of 2023. We are grateful to those who responded during the month-long survey period (141 responses, or, just 16% of all MRH families.) The findings can be viewed HERE and on our WEBSITE as well.

In order to ensure that communications practices align with the MRH 5-year Strategic Plan, these survey results will be reviewed for possible action steps by the "For Our Community" Management Oversight Team (MOT), which comprises District staff members and parents. The MOT team will then present recommendations to a School Board Advisory Committee, led by Board Director Linda Robinson. The MOT group meets monthly throughout the year; the Board committee plans to assemble quarterly.

School Board Candidates Forum Available Online

The six candidates on tomorrow's (April 2) election ballot for Maplewood Richmond Heights School Board appeared in a public forum produced and moderated by the student-led PAL (Principals Advisory Leadership) Board. You may watch the forum on our YouTube channel.

April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse: The MRH Plan

On Monday, April 8, 2024, a solar eclipse will be visible across all of North America. Although there are some parts of the United States where a total eclipse will be visible, only a partial eclipse will be visible in the Richmond Heights and Maplewood areas.

We want to ensure all students have the opportunity to participate in this event safely. Students will be permitted to view the eclipse outdoors and supervised during a short time frame, using specially designed solar filter glasses. The solar glasses are made especially for viewing a solar eclipse and meet all applicable safety requirements. At no time should students or participants remove their eclipse glasses and look directly at the sun as it could cause permanent eye damage. MRH teachers and staff will take all precautionary measures with students to make this experience both safe and enjoyable. Homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the sun. Students will not be permitted to look at the partially eclipsed sun through unfiltered cameras, telescopes, binoculars or other optical devices, with or without glasses. Students who normally wear eyeglasses will need to wear the eclipse glasses over their normal eyewear.

For more information regarding the safety procedures for viewing the eclipse, please visit Eclipse Glasses Safety and NASA - Eclipse Safety.

If you do not wish your child to participate in the MRH solar eclipse viewing on April 8, 2024, please complete the Eclipse Viewing Opt-Out Form by Monday, April 1, 2024. If this opt-out form is not filled out by this date, your child will be included in the group of students participating in the eclipse viewing.

Note: If you opt-out your child to view the eclipse, he/she will remain in the building in a supervised area during this time and the eclipse will be live-streamed.

No-Cost Summer School: Tap the Image to Register Now

We are excited to announce the return of the

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Happening this summer at Maplewood United Methodist Church:

Golfing for Scholarships! Register a Team Today!

Spring is here, and you might have golf on your mind. Why not play a round and raise money for scholarships for MRH students at the same time? The Kiwanis Club of Maplewood holds an annual tournament - the Jeff Johnson Open - and uses all proceeds to assist MRH seniors with college expenses. Click on the photo to access the registration form for the tournament on June 10.

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