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Apr/May 2021 Newsletter
SCDOT update
As a result of our advocacy with our SC Livable Communities Alliance, we continue to work with SCDOT to advance the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Action Plan and the Complete Streets Council that will implement the new SCDOT Departmental Directive for Complete Streets.

The Council will be populated with different folks into the future, but the first meeting was comprised of 25 people, including regional (MPO & COG) planners, city and county staffers, and bike/ped stakeholders representing Charleston Moves and East Coast Greenway. In the latest meeting, SCDOT announced a new Engineering Directive that explicitly mentioned prioritizing the state bike routes and ECG route for shoulders.

Stay tuned for further explanation of this policy with PCC hosted Zoom calls, paneled with SCDOT, regional planners, city/county reps, and others. These Zoom webinars will explain the policy rollout. Please send us questions you would like answered about the policy, implementation, local integration, etc..

Until then, listen to SCDOT leadership explain the rollout of the Complete Streets policy in the March SCDOT Commission video, at the 1:43 hour : minute mark here.
Legislative Update
H.3120, the Trails Tax Credit bill passed unanimously through its House subcommittee and will continue with its Senate companion bill next session. The bill provides a tax credit for voluntary trail easements. This bill has a great chance of passing in 2022, with more help from PCC and partners. Thank you to PCC's lowcountry members, who successfully achieved additional co-sponsors (Rep. Bradley - HHI, Herbkersman - HHI, Erickson - Beaufort, & JE Johnson - Conway). Over the Summer & Fall, you can urge support from your Senator or Representative through this link. Find your Representative and Senator here.

S.248 (Hands Free) and S.245 (3 Feet) continue to be challenged, but stay tuned for additional direction and information.

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Columbia's Blue Bike produces safety videos
Blue Bike Safety Tips - Hand Signals
Columbia's bike share partnered with the Palmetto Cycling Coalition to develop these bike safety videos branded locally in Columbia. See their video here, and see our statewide Safe Streets Save Lives videos here. Thank you to Eshana Young-Pierre of Blue Bike for doing a fabulous job. Let us know if you need help developing similar, localized content.
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PCC's Commentary in the Post & Courier:
SC takes a big step toward safer, more equitable transportation
PCC was recently published in the Post & Courier, explaining the new normal at SCDOT, since adoption of SCDOT the Departmental Directive for Complete Streets February 4th, 2021. Our state owned roads have a new systemic policy that will take their fate in a new trajectory towards improved safety and equity for all. Changes won't happen overnight, and PCC will need to continue advocating for implementation. Those under-resourced areas of our state, where people biking and walking risk their lives in the road with no accommodations, will now have equitable access and opportunity through this state policy designed designed to fill the huge gaps in planning and funding.
Annual Ride of Silence

PCC participated in this year's Ride of Silence in the Columbia. See local news coverage here. This ride annually occurs on the 3rd Wednesday, in most every city in South Carolina.

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