Applying B2C Thinking to Your B2B

Here at Argentum we've had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of businesses. Regardless of whether we're working with a B2B, B2C or services company, we always apply classic marketing's strategic rigor to the marketing planning phase. Ultimately, this means that while all of our clients' marketing efforts are focused on achieving business objectives, we adapt our process according to the needs and resources of each individual client.  
For example, while we may work with some of the University of Chicago's New Venture Challenge's start-up companies for only an hour or two, we use the time to steer them in the right direction and to provide enough substance to enhance their initial fundraising pitch.  
This year we coached some terrific and interesting companies including two forward-thinking B2B companies: Clostra Bio, an early stage pharma company that will treat allergies via the body's own microbiome, and Phyt Solutions which has developed an affordable, portable product on which to do exercises typically done on a Pilates Reformer.  
You can see some examples of the pragmatic advice we've given our early stage B2B clients in our blog post and video below. 
Also in this newsletter, we've included information about the full-day Marketing Strategy for B2Bs workshop that we'll be conducting for the American Marketing Association this month and again in March 2018.
Marketing For A Smaller B2B

One of the benefits of being a B2B, regardless of your company's life stage, is the ability to get direct, FREE feedback from customers to help you approach your marketing more strategically. Check out how the founder of a cabinet hardware company obtained valuable information about his customers to help inform his marketing plan. 

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Video - Marketing Minute: Word of Mouth

Whether you're a B2B, B2C or services company, word of mouth will always be your best source of business! Learn a little more about how to make it work for you.

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B2B Marketing Strategy Class

We're teaching a full-day workshop for the American Marketing Association on October 30 in Chicago!

"In this hands-on session you'll learn how to approach your company's B2B marketing more strategically. We'll start at the beginning and ground ourselves by developing or refining your value proposition/positioning statement.

We'll then use that as a springboard to develop a marketing plan that makes sense for your organization's objectives, capabilities and budget. We'll address research techniques to gather insights and strengthen your positioning and plan. Additionally, we'll also tackle budgeting and establishing metrics."  
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