We at ACTA send our condolences to the family of master duduk artist Jivan Gasparyan, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 92.

Jivan (sometimes spelled Djivan) was an Armenian musician of great accomplishment based in Sherman Oaks, CA. His numerous recordings, awards, Hollywood scores, and performances speak to the impact he has had in the U.S., in Armenia, and around the world. His legacy will live on in many ways, most notably through the transmission of his artistry to his grandson Jivan Gasparyan, Jr, whom he mentored as part of ACTA's Apprenticeship Program in 2008. Grandfather and grandson trained in the duduk, a double-reeded woodwind instrument similar to the oboe. This kind of continuity of traditional artistry within family exemplifies so much of ACTA's mission to support and promote the traditional arts of our state. We are grateful for the opportunity to have supported the work of the Gasparyans.

Learn more about Jivan Gasparyan and the instrument he gave his life to in this story by NPR.

Images: Jivan Gasparyan mentors his grandson in the Armenian duduk during their 2008 ACTA apprenticeship. Photo: S. Chen/ACTA.