TOU's 2018 Student Internship at the UN:
June 28-July 27, 2018
2016 UN Internship: Student-Made Video
2016 UN Internship: Student-Made Video

A 4 1/2-week Intensive Internship for Students Ages 18+

Since 2005, the Temple of Understanding has implemented its commitment to education of youth by hosting a Summer Student Internship Program at the United Nations. 

The student interns attend open meetings of the Security Council, the General Assembly, and various committees. This program launches their careers as global citizens who care about the humanitarian goals embraced by the UN. Students accepted into this program have the opportunity to meet with different Missions and NGOs, pursue independent research, learn about different religions through visiting their houses of worship, and participate in community volunteer work.

The minimum age for the program is now 18. Unfortunately, the UN has raised the minimum age to receive a UN Grounds Pass from 16 to 18. Applicants must be 18 years old by June 15, 2018 to participate in the program.

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The Multifaith "Walk on Earth Gently" Statement

Religious leaders and people of diverse faiths and spiritualities delivered a multi-faith statement to the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP23) via bicycle. They pledged to adopt sustainable behaviors and called on their followers and world leaders to do the same. The action was coordinated by GreenFaith, and delivery marked the launch of a new international, multi-faith sustainable lifestyles initiative.

Photo by Dorothy Breuer - DorotheeBreuer at


On November 14, 2017, the first ever Gender Action Plan (GAP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was adopted. Its goal is to support the implementation of particular gender-related mandates during the next 2 years.

Bridget Burns, co-focal point of the Women and Gender Constituency and co-director of the Women's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO), writes,"We are well beyond the time for real action on gender-just climate policies.The Gender Action Plan (GAP) serves as an important accelerator in advancing multiple mandates for gender equality that exist under the UNFCCC. But, the test will be in the imple-mentation. We will be holding governments accountable [...] For a truly gender-just climate change framework, we must continue to demand climate justice from the entire process."

Revolt Rocks U.N. Climate Summit

When the Trump administration made its official debut at this year's conference with a forum pushing coal, gas, and nuclear power, activists and Democratic lawmakers staged a full-fledged revolt, according to Democracy Now! DN reports: "Of the four corporate representatives pushing nuclear, gas and coal, Lenka Kollar of NuScale Power and Amos Hochstein of Tellurian told Amy Goodman that they disagreed with Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the climate agreement."

A Week of Interfaith Harmony Events, February 1-7, 2018

World Interfaith Harmony Week is an official observance of the United Nations. It is based on the pioneering work of The Common Word initiative, which in 2007 called for Muslim and Christian leaders to engage in a dialogue based on two common religious Commandments: Love of God and Love of the Neighbor.

Prizes totaling $50,000 will be given to the three events or texts organized during the week that best promote the goals of the WIHW. HM King Abdullah II of Jordan is the official sponsor of the World Interfaith Harmony Week Prizes.

Click below to watch last year's first prize winning event by the Calgary Interfaith Council of Calgary, Canada:


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