... the bereaved families you've recently served
venture out into daily life,
not knowing if or when they'll be flooded with grief.

"Come on, let's go!"

"I've got you covered!"

"Anytime. Anywhere."

This Is the Season When You Invite Them
To Your Hospice's ...

  • Fall Fundraisers

  • Annual Memorials

  • Holiday Grief Support

You Beautifully Use These
Hospice Gatherings To ...

  • Engage families you've served

  • Remember their loved ones

  • Support them through their changing seasons of grief

  • Raise funds for future services

It's A Profound Season of
the Past, Present and Future

For the families you've served, "time" feels different.

Each morning awakens a new awareness of loss.

Each evening settles into another silence.
For THIS Year, THIS Season, THIS Day ...
What new, fresh, engaging, always-there, compassionate, user-friendly grief resources do you have ready for your ...
  • Bereaved families?
  • Donors?
  • Support Groups?
  • Counselees?
  • Volunteers and Staff?
  • Community?
Give Them Great Grief Resources
That Can Companion Them
Anytime - Anywhere

Samples for Your Hospice Season
Instead of "stages" you achieve, grief is more of a process that goes back and forth between moments of "loss" and "restoration," day by day, again and again. Do you know, the words "mourning" and "morning" come from the same root word? How can you use these?

A "member" is part of the whole." Memories help us "re-member" --put together--those "dis-membered" parts of life, after loss. Likely, you have many physical belongings to deal with. Memories are everywhere. Do you scrap 'em? Store 'em? Or stitch 'em together, making new meanings for life ahead?

Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries can hit us with sudden waves of grief, leaving us flooded with pain. What can you do? Can you find moments of wholeness, even in the midst of grief's holes? Yes. Here's how.
Give Them Composing Life's 24/7 Online Video Library, "Want to Understand Your Grief?"

  • For everyday mobile devices and computers

  • Branded to your hospice

  • Use these to promote your Grief Services and Events

  • Engage and support persons who cannot access your grief support services during your business hours
This is one of our 24/7 Online Video Libraries, for the caregivers and family members you serve, across the continuum of care
Want to view? Explore how these can support your hospice's unique needs?
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