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Facing Ahriman
In this age of "fake news" (what is and what isn't), discernment is needed in what we read and believe. Media mass deception is a tool of Ahriman. To get the big picture of evil's machinations in the world, enter AIM below:


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Dear Friends, 

Our virtual temple now has its own "lecture hall." We call it Anthroposophy Today Radio Network where you can attend any of the lectures and conversations free of charge and listen in places and at times of your convenience. 

Of course, we would prefer meeting together in one lecture hall with you, but since we are spread across the globe, that isn't practical, at least in the physical realm. So we offer a way to connect with one another in the higher realm of consciousness.

How can you participate in these lectures? 

When you hear a lecture on the Gospel of Sophia YouTube channel, please add your own thoughtful comment. There are always visitors who drop by the channel, looking for their own path of spiritual development, and, if curious, they will read the viewer comments. Please welcome them like you would any guest coming to a Steiner lecture or to your Sophia study group by providing unique insight of the road you have traveled to higher knowledge. Remember that some travelers might not arrive for a few years--so think beyond time and space!

Another way to connect with spiritual travelers is at the bottom of any article at the Inner Sanctum and Our Spirit Reflections. These comments can be as deep and reflective as you care to share. We monitor these comments, unlike the ones on the YouTube channel, to make sure that trolls and other internet creatures do not spoil this spiritual terrain. Please consider becoming active in Our Spirit by leaving your thoughts for others to ponder. We welcome your insight into any of our articles and videos.   

Do you have something to share on our radio show?   

We have already started our radio conversations, and we hope you like them as much as we had preparing them for you. We love bending and taming Ahriman, using his technology as a way to spread AnthropoSophia teachings wide and far. 

Our first few interviews were conducted with local guests, but we welcome the opportunity to interview interesting guests anywhere Skype can take us. If you would like to have a conversation with Douglas on "radio," please contact us (email at bottom) for details.

Join us in creating a spiritual legacy that keeps the works of Rudolf Steiner alive for another 100 years.   

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

Guest: Douglas Reed

Douglas Gabriel and Douglas Reed discuss the relevance of Anthroposophy and the teachings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner in a modern context. They highlight the common threads found in Zen Buddhism, Mormonism, Scientology and other streams. The conversation leads to an analysis of Steiner's threefold social order and Douglas Reed's experience in "living" these ideologies through his work with John Stirling Walker and the Brotherhood Project.  Reed's lifetime as a Broadway music director gives him great insight into contemporary American life and spiritual development.
Guest: Chris Fessler

Douglas Gabriel and guest Chris Fressler discuss the differences between Anthroposophy and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner are discussed from two different points of view - one from inside of the Anthroposophic Society and the other from without. Does a student of Steiner need the Anthroposophical Society to develop a sound understanding of Steiner's spiritual science? The distinctions between Anthroposophy and Neoanthroposophy highlight the relevance of Steiner's teachings for the modern world with or without the support of other Anthroposophists.

The Gospel of Sophia Series
Volume 1
The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity
Volume 2
A Modern Path of Initiation

Volume 3
Sophia Christos Initiation

Perception as a Bridge to 
the Spiritual World

The bridge in the picture of the article with this title was chosen specifically for the spiritual bridge that it represents. It is your 
perception, and yours alone, that will determine what kind of world in which you will live. 

If you came from a realm of perception where the geopolitics of the day threatened you with fear, hatred, and doubt  like represented here, then this site location,  Our Spirit Reflection,  can help you overcome these feelings by introducing you to a world of spiritual research, which we call Neoanthroposophy. 

When you are ready to embrace a more refined  perception of life , we offer you spaces of the  Virtual Temple of Wisdom  and  Sophia's Inner Sanctum.