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 Employer Access
California Small Groups
Anthem is moving to online billing and payment!
May 1, 2016
Please see the below on how to get signed up and what you need to do if you should decide to opt-out

What you need to Know about 
  • Online billing - Anthem will send an Email notification to group administrators letting them know their invoices can be viewed, downloaded and paid or scheduled to be paid online. 
  • Manage benefit plans - you can add, change or cancel coverage, add dependents or generate reports. 
  • Advantages - Convenience, better cash flow, on-time easy access to statements, security against fraud protection and checks getting lost.
(Please click here to view an online demo to show these new tools and features)

Easy Sign Up:

First time users that need help getting set up may do so by clicking here  to help guide you through the process.

All you will need is your EmployerAccess
  1. User ID
  2. Password
  3. Email address and bank information.
If you are new to EmployerAccess please click self-registration  as it is simple and easy using your Group/Case Number or calling 1-855-854-1429 for assistance with the process.

Client opt-out:
For paper bills send an email with "Opt Out" in the subject line to employeraccesssupport@anthem.com and  provide your  group number, contact name, email address, phone number and reason for opting out of the electronic billing and payment process.

*If you do not opt out, paper premium billing will be turned off May 1, 2016.

Please contact your AccesseHR team member with any questions.

Thank you!