May 2016
Live Your Joy Institute News
Answering the Call

by Dr. Barbara Gulbranson
My friend and I are both writing books at the same time, so when we get together it's typical for our conversation to turn toward our writing process and progress. On one of these occasions I found myself saying to my friend, "Mickey, when I'm writing I feel so ALIVE!" I was surprised to hear myself verbalize the vibrant energy and bliss that courses through me as I work on what I love. It brings to mind an image of people at the side of the road holding up signs saying "will work for food." My sign would say, "will work for joy," because that is the only way I will spend my time.
How about you? Do you feel alive in your work? Does your work bring you deep joy? Are you fulfilling your life purpose? You see, it's not about getting a better job. You may still be hungry after acquiring that position. It's about giving yourself over to God as an instrument of expression here on earth. When you know the experience of God and really feel it, you see the limitless possibilities that exist for you. Sadly, many people are afraid their dreams may show up, so they back off when opportunity for greater expansion presents itself and stay stuck in a humdrum existence. But everything is about to push you into remembering what is true of you and the world.
Without remembering who we really are, an individualization of God, we can only be an occasional instrument of the Divine. We want to be an instrument of God all the time. Doing so takes shedding the ego and surrendering to Spirit. Take the step and give up the idea that other people will understand your unique calling. Just go forward in meeting your dreams head on with love in your heart. Don't have anything in your life that you don't love. If you get into fear about this ask, "Who is doing my life?" and remember the Divine Presence behind all things.
We get into fear when we feel separated from God. We are never separated from our Source and; therefore, never walking alone on this sacred path. From a deep-seated place of love and compassion allow yourself to answer the call of Spirit and take the next step in fulfilling what you came here to do. Give your gifts. Share your talent. Radiate your love.
I am divinely guided in all that I do. I am an instrument of God.
Stating this affirmation sets a law in motion like a light switch being turned on. Opportunities present themselves. Ideas flourish. Grace comes in unexpected ways. Allow the surge of Spirit to flow through you and have the courage to answer the call. Follow your heart wherever it takes you. Trust in a power of good that yearns to express itself through you.
You, too, deserve to wake up in the morning charged with love in your heart and eager to meet the day. You have everything that you need in order to blossom into your full potential. Trust that you are being supported always. Know who you are and allow yourself to be immersed in the Divine Flow. And experience how it feels to be really alive each and every day.
Peace to all.
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