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PTC Caregiver Classes
In 2021, 139 Powerful Tools for Caregivers class series have been offered in 36 states and provinces. Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Michigan, and New York offered the most classes. Data about the PTC classes is collected through our Add a Class Form.

Plus PTC Master Trainers offered 35 Class Leader Trainings so far in 2021.

Many thanks to our PTC Class Leaders and Master Trainers for all you do to support family and friend caregivers.
Materials for PTC Classes
We have suspended the DropBox link for PTC class materials. Please continue to access PTC files through the ISU Extension Store. When you set up your ISU Extension Store account, be sure to use the primary email address that PTC uses to contact you.

  • See the How-To Guide for step-by-step instructions for accessing PTC materials.
  • Add a Class Link - Share information about your PTC classes so that we can see the reach of PTC. Listing your classes online is optional.

Additional details for PTC Class Leaders and Master Trainers are posted here:
Powerful Tools for Caregivers
Virtual Master Trainer Training
Do you know someone who would be an amazing PTC trainer? Encourage fellow Class Leaders to apply for the virtual Master Trainer Training. Fee: $250.

Space is limited. Application is open for November 18 virtual training, here:
The Caregiver Helpbook
Do you need to order The Caregiver Helpbook for upcoming caregiver classes?

The books are now available through the Iowa State University Extension Store here:

Need help setting up an account to purchase books or access class materials? See our How-To Guide.
Planning PTC Caregiver classes?
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