Issue 3, January 18, 2023
Wow! Lots of Gem News!

Just a quick note before we get started ...

Shows ...
FACETS is complete!
Huge success in Sri Lanka!
2023 is getting off to a great start!

IJT is ongoing...

Vicenzaoro is this weekend & so is the Miami Estate show!


Tucson is just around the corner!

Now, What Happened Last Week
We definitely have a fascination about crown jewels! Two of the top three features from last week were St. Edward's Crown and the Mouawad Miss Universe Crown.

Also in that top three list was the Ethical Gem Show announcement. If you are interested in this subject, then we would like to point out the press release below from AGTA, announcing a new committee. You will appreciate their challenge.
This Week's News

GIA has several half day and day long classes, just in case you have time between shopping for gems and minerals.

Buy! Sell!
And there is gem business news... where Sarine is buying a majority stake in GCAL, and a Chinese investment firm is trying to sell its stake in IGI, the International Gemological Institute.
Antique and Estate News
Christie's Auction House had a banner year in 2022. And even though the CEO doesn't mention gems or jewelry, we have pulled a dozen of last year's top sales for you to ogle over.

News from East Africa
Trouble in Tanzania? Will they ever get it right? Read below ...

Talk This Way
Helen is giving a presentation at the Lizzadro! Mark the date.

It's a Rock. It's a Town.
We talk a tiny bit, just a tiny bit, about Quartzite (the town, not the rock).

Let there be light!
And last, clear the dining room ceiling! We have a new chandelier for you. (See below)
Next Week

Concern about Diamonds

Synthetic, Created, Lab grown, Factory grown, call it what you will, they are not going anywhere.

Martin Rapaport talks about synthetic diamond sales as being "fraudulent," while retail jewelers are selling, and appraisers are issuing. We will examine the issues. Want to chime in? Our email address is

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Read On ... Issue 3, 2023 of the Roskin Gem News Report Newsletter. 

Gary Roskin
A Great Showing for Sri Lanka
Better than Even Imagined!

Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 18, 2023

"FACETS concludes as most successful exhibition in its 30-year history!" exclaimed the newspaper headlines.

With 70 exhibitors, 5,000 visitors, and 100 very serious buyers from 20 different countries, the 2023 FACETS gem & jewellery show was a huge success!

Altaf Iqbal, chairman of FACETS Sri Lanka, told the Daily News Sri Lanka, "The industry showed extreme courage when it decided to organize the exhibition, making it the first international event in Sri Lanka post crises, showcasing the island is safe and very open for business as usual." 

If you recall, the last FACETS show was in 2019. "Due to Covid, and the economic recession, we did not produce the show in 2020, 2021 or 2022," says Roshen Weereratne, Head of Projects for FACETS. "This time it was a smaller show, but it was a premier show in a five star Hotel - the Cinnamon Grand, Colombo."

It's Just Business

Sarine to Buy GCAL

Fosum to Sell IGI
Business is business.

Sarine Signs MOU to Acquire Majority Stake in GCAL

Sarine, the leading manufacturer of artificial intelligence measuring devices for the gemstone industry, has just signed an MOU (Memo of Understanding) with GCAL (Gem Certification and Assurance Lab)

Sarine Technologies Limited is an Israel-based Company engaged in developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling precision technology products for processing of diamonds and gemstones.

The Company's products provide solutions for every stage of rough diamond manufacturing process from geometrical modelling and internal inclusion mapping of the rough stone, through determining the derivable polished gems, based on true dollar value, through laser cutting and shaping.

The Company's DiaMension family of products, including the DiaMension HD (high definition), are used in gemological institutes for the qualification and grading of a polished diamond's proportions. 

In other news ...

Fosum Looking to Sell off Stake in IGI
Lab for Sale - estimated at $215 mill USD

Fosun International Ltd., a Chinese conglomerate, is weighing the sale of one of its properties - IGI, the International Gemological Institute, with an estimated sale value of approximately €200 million (around $215 million USD).

New AGTA Committee
to Standardize Industry Terms Surrounding Sustainability & Ethics
January 18, 2023

(Dallas – Jan. 18, 2023) – The AGTA has unveiled a new member committee to define and standardize contemporary industry terms such as sustainability, ethics, and responsible sourcing.

A rising interest among consumers in supporting ethical-minded businesses, including ones whose products and services benefit the environment, offer fair pay, and are mindful of sustainability, is driving an increased use of contemporary terms that lack uniform definitions.

The goal of AGTA’s new committee is to develop verbiage that is practical and specific to the colored gemstone and cultured Pearl industries. The timing of this committee dovetails with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) call for comments surrounding another update to its Green Guides (click here to learn more). AGTA will work with the Jewelers Vigilance Committee to develop sound proposed revisions and additions for the FTC.

“AGTA was a pioneer in establishing guidelines for the jewelry industry to follow surrounding ethics, transparency, and sustainability,” says John W. Ford Sr., CEO. “We look forward to this opportunity to further clarify specific terms and consumer interpretations of them.”

The mission of the new committee is as follows. ...

An Historic Year - Christie's
Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 18, 2023

We begin this feature with a message from the CEO of Christie's Auction House, Guillaume Cerutti.

And while Cerutti does not mention anything about the gems that were sold this past year, we have listed a few for you to see.

Price realised CHF 28,436,500
Estimate CHF 25,000,000 – CHF 35,000,000

Fancy vivid pink modified pear brilliant-cut diamond of 18.18 carats, triangular-shaped diamonds, platinum and 18k rose gold, accompanied by a diamond and white gold necklace mounting.
GIA, 2022, report no. 2155980868: 18.18 carats, Fancy Vivid Pink, natural colour, VVS2 clarity, Type IIa

Price realised HKD 69,037,500

Thirty-three jadeite beads measuring approximately 15.0 to 12.3 mm, cushion-shaped ruby, oval-cut diamonds, gold.
HK Jade & Stone Lab, 2022, report no. KJ 103966(1-5): natural colour Fei Cui (Jadeite Jade), without resin.

Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 18, 2023

Two features that are worrisome for Tanzania's small scale mining sector.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

According to The Citizen, the online news for all things Africa, the honeymoon is over for the Arusha Mineral Centre as the government is moving the sale of tanzanite back to Mererani (Merelani).

Tap here to read the full story

Saturday, January 14, 2023

They say that there is smuggling. But the complaint is not about smuggling. The complaint is that there are "rumors" of smuggling, and these rumors are hurting business.

But are they just rumors?

Carved Gems - Inspiration & Expertise
Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 18, 2023

More at the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art

Helen Serras-Herman, award-winning gem and jewelry artist and National Lapidary Hall of Fame Inductee, shares her passion for carved gems in an in-person as well as Live Zoom event, Saturday, January 21, 2023, 2pm Central Standard Time (CST) at the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art.

Helen will share her journey from sculptor to gem sculpture, her influences, and sources for inspiration. She will discuss how labor intensive the art of carving gems is and why, the gem materials utilized, and will show step-by-step of the necessary tools for gem carving, in the hopes of inspiring a new generation of gem carvers.

Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 18, 2023

Quartzsite is located in western Arizona, just 20 miles east of the Colorado River on I-10. It’s been a rockhound’s paradise since the 1960s. These days, it’s also a mecca to well over a million visitors each year, most of whom converge on this small town in a wave of RVs during the months of January and February.

During the winter months, 2,000 vendors of rocks, gems, minerals, fossils and everything else imaginable create one of the world’s largest open air flea markets in Quartzsite, AZ. Eight major gem and mineral shows in addition to vendors of raw and handcrafted merchandise peddle their wares to snowbirds, collectors and enthusiasts, making Quartzsite, AZ the place to be in January and February.

Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 18, 2023

STF raided ‘gemstone’ to be sent to NGJA for appraisal

Do you have time to have a little fun? What do you think it is? Send us your best (or worst) guess. We will wait for the results of the lab and then reveal the best (and worst) guesses here! (We will disguise the names of those who wish to remain anonymous.)

So here's the story....

The red coloured gemstone (posted here) taken into custody by the STF at Medawachchiya last week, has been referred to the National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA) to get its genuineness verified, police said.

The STF officers of the Kebithigollewa camp had conducted this raid on December 2 and had arrested two suspects while they were attempting to sell this stone to a businessman for several millions.

from Gemworld International: Fire Opal

Çiğdem Lüle, PhD, FGA, GIA GG, DGA

Opal is classified as a “mineraloid” or mineral-like in scientific terms. It is a silica-gel made out of microscopic spheres with water molecules in between, therefore an amorphous material. While opal is a widespread material on earth’s crust, gem quality opal is quite rare.

Precious opal has a more regular structure compared to common opal. Tiny little silica gel spheres in its structure are of similar size and create the unique phenomenon known as “play of color.”

Opal has been a popular gemstone for thousands of years despite its low durability. Ancient Romans called it “opalus” literally meaning “precious stone.”

34th International, Tokyo, Japan
– January 11-14, 2023

Miami Beach, Florida, USA
– January 19-23, 2023

Vicenza, Italy
– January 20-24, 2023

Discover the Latest in Colored Stones - GIA
Discover the Latest in Colored Stones - GIA -
at the Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum in Tucson during the AGTA GemFair

Several continuing education seminars, hosted at the world-class Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum in Tucson, take place during the AGTA GemFair.

The seminar schedule includes:
Dig Deeper on the Origin of Colored Stones
Low Temperature Heat Treatment in Corundum
Introduction to Jewelry Forensics
The 7 Value Factors of Pearls

You Need a Ruby Chandelier, Yes?
Gary Roskin -
Roskin Gem News Report -
January 18, 2023

You Need a Ruby Chandelier, Yes?

Okay … you definitely do not see one of these every day. Called “the Roses” chandelier, it is set with 65,040 carats of ruby, 12.07 carats of diamond, measuring approximately 8 feet tall by 3 feet wide, and weighs approximately 50 kilos! (… over 100 pounds!)

We saw this on LinkedIn, with Vikas Dugar of RCS Gems / Real Gems Co. HK Ltd., standing beside the chandelier. “It’s one of a kind,” says Vivek Dugar. A collector’s choice ruby chandelier. “It took almost 3 years to sort and prepare with keeping small and tiny handwork done very carefully. All handcrafted. There are 65,000 carats of natural rubies, with diamond, silver and gold.”
Thank you
Let me say it once again ....

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As always, stay informed and keep in touch. I'd like to know where you've been and what gems you've seen.
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Gary Roskin
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