Yout Multiple youtube sites that featured information about Cosmic False Flag were terminated!

One of the YouTube sites associated with the Anonymous group was shut down after a 12 minute video it posted talking about the "False Flag" issue was about to go viral.
 That video was the last one they had posted and in 3 years of posting often controversial material they had never had the site terminated.  

The material in their video featured Dr. Greer and his material and Dr. Greer's interview with Dr. Carol Rosin.  The material in this video that was taken down was no where near as detailed or comprehensive as what will be in "Unacknowledged".

Anonymous has been in touch with us and told us that 2 other sites that were featuring that video were also taken down.  Luckily someone made a transcript before this happened.  Click here to read the transcript and see some of the video inserts.

You may also want to watch the workshops by Dr. Greer from which this material was drawn.


or watch the full interview with Dr. Carol Rosin - click here.

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