May 25, 2023                 No. 45

To our LifeNets Supporters and Friends!

First, thank you for your interest and support for LifeNets and its outcomes in the lives of so many around the world.

We have just published our Annual Report for 2022 which is available online. Click or tap on the image below to view the Report.

Help for Ukraine

LifeNets has provided aid through two entities in Ukraine with whom we have had a working relationship for the past 25 and 30 years. We communicate with them weekly and know that your contributions are judiciously spent. First, we have worked through the “Revival” Centre of Rehabilitation of Disabled Children in Chernihiv which is close to the Russian border. It was heavily bombed in the first month of the war. The Centre is located a mere 500 meters from the city center, but was miraculously untouched. The Centre has tenaciously stayed open and today cares for more than 100 disabled children. It also provides services for children from other war zones.

Shelling and rockets have caused massive compression damage to homes by blowing out windows and doors. We helped people get their homes prepared for winter. The “Revival” Centre needed a reliable water supply for children and staff and we helped drill a borehole on the property. We also helped provide some essential rehabilitation equipment. 

The second entity we work through is the Salvation Church in Western Ukraine in Khust in Transcarpathia. We have maintained a friendship with these people for more than 30 years. Their members have helped incoming refugees from the East to be evacuated or resettled until they can return to their homes. The church hall became a temporary shelter. Through their churches in Germany they have transported humanitarian supplies from Germany to Ukraine which is one day’s drive.

LifeNets has provided a large van for this purpose. Much of these supplies are then delivered to the war zones. Essential items were distributed to elderly in areas that had utilities cut off for as long as six months. As winter approached and the Russians were bombing electrical utilities, warming shelters were set up around the country. Our partners in Khust manufactured special wood stoves that provided heating and cooking. We sent some of these woodfired stoves to the Kherson war zone.  As we look on with heartbreak at the suffering, we are determined to continue providing life-sustaining and lifesaving support to thousands of people. You can read stories on the War Blog on our LifeNets website at

We are also helping to support a program for farmers called World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine ( Thank you for your continued support.  

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We deeply appreciate your involvement in joining us to help others -- please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Again we thank you for your support. We appreciate those who have made recurring tax-exempt donations. This is most helpful in our planning of programs. Please visit our donation page.

Thank you for your trust and for making LifeNets your charity of choice.

We love and appreciate all of you!

President and Chairman

How to Effortlessly Double Your LifeNets Donation

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Many companies will match their employees' and retirees' charitable contributions. Check with your personnel office to see if your company will do so. They will provide the necessary forms and instructions. Thank you very much! Donations to LifeNets are tax-deductible in the United States.  

"Freddy" Cyclone in Malawi

Tropical cyclone Freddy was an exceptionally long-lived, powerful, and deadly storm that traversed the southern Indian Ocean for more than five weeks from February 5 to March 14, 2023. Freddy is both the longest-lasting and highest-ACE (Accumulated Cyclone Energy) producing tropical cyclone ever recorded worldwide.

It came through Blantyre, Malawi where Beverly and I have have worked with many people since 1999. There was a lot of destruction. LifeNets Australia and LifeNets US have sent funding for repair and relief and we thank all who have contributed to this effort. 

Not only have homes been damaged or destroyed, but crops as well. We will be needing to deal with food

shortages before long.

Click here read report from Daniel Ringo, LifeNets Blantyre area Business Manager and accountant who have recently been able to get out to some of the affected areas to do an assessment. 

Scholarship Program Update

In the year 2022 LifeNets supported 111 students in multiple countries as shown below. We want to thank everyone who helped with these success stories. The distribution of scholarships was Spanish 39, Zambia 30, Malawi 18, Philippines 13, South Africa 4, Kenya 3, Ghana 2, Zimbabwe 1, Brazil 1.

Two of our students: Michelle Macedo from Brazil

and Gracious Mpilangwe, Jr. from Malawi at graduation

Read more about our scholarship program on our website at



Volunteers from all over the United States have helped us in this matching program for the past 24 years. We match, whenever possible, what chairs are donated through our website with those needing them.

One of our volunteers, Debbie Bensinger writes this report about her family picking up a scooter from Dorothy in Boise, ID that they will deliver to needy recipient in Portland, OR.

We thank Dorothy for her generous donation, and appreciate her willingness to give the gift of enhanced mobility to someone in need.

Since 1999 LifeNets has facilitated mobility by matching donated wheelchairs with needy recipients who cannot afford or qualify for wheelchairs. We do not put a price on the wheelchairs; asking only that the recipient make arrangements to pick up the chair or pay shipping charges, if and when it is necessary.

The Wheelchair Foundation recently endorsed the LifeNets Wheelchair Program as one source for wheelchairs.

Bus Delivered to Zambia

In March 2022 Ambassador Bible College hosted a Charity Auction to raise money for a bus in the Copperbelt region of Zambia. LifeNets facilitated the donations. 

It will be used to weekly transport people to and from Church services as well as to to and from other activities such as camps. The bus cost about $15,000 after selling the old one.

Pastor Derrick Pringle writes: 

I am very pleased with it, very clean with a good engine. It serves us faithfully every Sabbath and also for other church activities. Once again thank you and the class for generously raising the funds for this reliable and very necessary vehicle.

More at

Community Center in the Philippines

Report from David Dobson: 

Here are several photos of the LifeNets community center project in Sto. Tomas, Mindanao, Philippines. The workers are moving fast, and the roof was put on the first week of April.  

On April 8, we traveled to Sto. Tomas for church services with 43 in attendance. (This congregation is near the prisons where Jed Sy and Jong Pilapil are incarcerated). The people were buzzing with excitement since they were meeting in a newly constructed hall for the first time!

Some U.S. church members had made donations through their place of work to LifeNets, and their company matched their charitable donations. LifeNets graciously forwarded the funds to the Manila office, and enough money was provided for a community center to be constructed. A formal dedication of the building took place before services.

The building now serves as the Sto. Tomas Sabbath hall and is also available for charitable needs in the community. The area is prone to storm damage and flooding from typhoons, so the building can be used as shelter and for distributing relief goods. It can also serve as a school classroom if necessary.

Thanks for your loving support!

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