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November 2020 Newsletter
Rob DeHerrera Chosen to Lead DDRC
upon Beverly Winter’s Retirement in 2021
Rob DeHerrera, Deputy Director and Incoming Executive Director, 2021
Beverly Winters, Executive Director. Retiring 2021
As you may be aware, DDRC’s Executive Director, Beverly Winters, announced her intention of retiring in January 2021. “Beverly has been part of the DDRC family for more than three and a half decades and has contributed greatly to the success of our mission over these many years. She will be truly missed, and we wish her a wonderful retirement,” said Mr. David Pemberton, President of the DDRC Board of Directors.

In preparation for Beverly’s upcoming retirement, the DDRC Board of Directors conducted a search for the most qualified and appropriate individual to become Executive Director. “We were very fortunate that in our search we did not have to look very far,” Mr. Pemberton said. “We are very pleased to announce our own Rob DeHerrera will become our next Executive Director effective on Beverly’s retirement.“

Rob has been with DDRC for 23 years, most recently in the role of Deputy Director and Chief Financial Officer where he provided support to the Executive Director in leading all strategic planning initiatives, operation management and fiscal oversight. “Over the past many years Rob has often been sought out as one of a select few across the state to assist in matters that impact the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) system on items including legislation, Medicaid Waivers, state statute, system redesign and budget negotiations,” Mr. Pemberton said. “Rob’s knowledge and experience in the IDD system, executive leadership, non-profit’s and fiscal management made him a perfect choice.”

Ms. Beverly Winters shares, “I am so pleased and excited to pass the baton to Rob, our Deputy Director, who has been so instrumental in our success and was such a great partner to me in leading DDRC.”   

Rob, on being named as the successor Executive Director observes, “One of DDRC’s hallmarks and legacies is being a leader in the IDD field in our community and the state. Under the guidance of past DDRC leaders Ms. Peg Johnstone, Dr. Art Hogling and Ms. Beverly Winters, I am truly humbled and honored to have my name mentioned within the same sentence and to assume the role as the next Executive Director of DDRC. I sincerely thank the Board of Directors for the opportunity and pay a special thanks to Dr. Hogling for his mentorship and showing me how I could truly make a difference in the lives of individuals and families we serve. Most importantly, I thank Ms. Beverly Winters for her 37 years to service to DDRC. Her leadership, compassion, dedication, loyalty and vision for DDRC and the mission are unrivaled. I would not be the person I am today without Beverly’s influence.”

Rob offers this observation and call for optimism and resolve; “Over the past several months DDRC, like the rest of the world, focused on stability and all the decisions made prioritized the health and safety of individuals and families we serve, our employees and our community. Under the guidance of our phenomenal Board of Directors and our amazing DDRC Team this will continue to be our focus. However, as we turn the corner, DDRC will seize the opportunity to continue to influence and shape Intellectual and Developmental Disability services, policies and funding in our community and throughout the state.”
Giving Thanks
DDRC is extremely thankful for the overwhelming support we have felt this past month! As we face the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 and budget cuts, our supporters continue to help us meet our mission and serve our community.

Thank you for participating in our 2020 Annual Appeal and for being the reason that DDRC can minimize the impact to services.

We are now entering the holiday season and one of the most significant events is right around the corner— Colorado Gives Day!
If you are able to and wish to help, you can begin scheduling your donations now for Colorado Gives Day on December 8. It’s easy to do: Go to ColoradoGives.org, find Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, then click “Donate” at the top of the page, and next enter the amount you wish to give. Under “Donation Frequency“ make sure you select “Colorado Gives Day.” This will schedule your donation for December 8. Thank you for joining us for DDRC’s biggest giving day of the year!
Funding Available for Disability Related Needs 
DDRC’s Family Support Services Program (FSSP) has funding available for disability related needs. The funding is available now through June 30, 2021. Start today to request funding by completing a Most-In-Need Assessment (MIN) form. Contact your Resource Coordinator, call 303-462-6576 to request the form, or go to https://ddrcco.com/accessing-services/family-support-services.

DDRC’s Family Support Services Program is intended to provide a variety of services and supports which are related to the person’s disability and are above and beyond typical child rearing or daily living expenses. Families are eligible for funds if they have a family member with a developmental delay or disability living in the family home and based on their input to the Most-In-Need Assessment.
Family Support Program Report Available Online
DDRC and the Family Support Council submitted an annual report to the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. The report describes DDRC’s plans and goals for the FSSP funds.

See the report here or find it online at www. ddrcco.com, under “Services,” then “Family Support Services.” 
Learn How to Motivate Positive Behavior - Free Virtual Webinar Dec. 8 - 9 
Getting cooperation from someone you care for, or work with, can sometimes be a struggle, but the right approach can help. DDRC’s Behavioral Health Team (BHT) is hosting a free, online Zoom session to help attendees learn how to motivate positive behavior from family members, students and those they support. The concepts and examples are applicable to many ages and settings. Additionally, participants will have some opportunity to ask questions relevant to specific situations they may face. The class is based on practices of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Part 1 of the webinar will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 8, from 9 a.m.- noon and Part 2 will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 9 , from 9 a.m.- noon. Attendance in the first session is needed in order to enroll in the second session. Advance registration is required by emailing your name and phone number to Zachary.Maple@ddrcco.com. 
Looking Back
Virtual Legislative BBQ
A number of local, state and national candidates who were on the ballot in Jefferson County came together with community members in October for a virtual Legislative BBQ. The free event, organized and hosted by DDRC, Family Tree, Jefferson Center and Seniors’ Resource Center has been held 20 plus years but is typically in-person.

Participants heard from the nonprofit leaders about how we are working to improve the lives of the people we serve. They also heard how candidates would address issues that are important to our community and nonprofits, including obstacles to employment and access to health /mental health care, transportation and housing. Beverly Winters, DDRC Executive Director, facilitated one of the virtual breakout sessions. The event proved to be an informative and a positive experience overall. 
DDRC’s Annual Meeting Spotlighted Board Members and Celebrated Awardees 
DDRC held its Annual Meeting virtually in October. It was a first for that virtual format, allowing us to hold this important meeting during the pandemic.

We shined a spotlight on our Board members (all so dedicated), recognized the official results of board member elections and appointments, and heard from organization leaders who reflected on the challenging year and the resilience of DDRC. Especially wonderful and uplifting were the award presentations.
Cynthia Reynolds received the Hero Award for her exemplary efforts of meeting the challenges of living with intellectual/ developmental disabilities. She has endured the loss of both her parents and her beloved cat while facing the isolation of COVID. Yet she keeps a positive attitude, sought and learned technology to maintain support, and offers others helpful advice with cat care, cooking, and technology.
All Quality Living Options (QLO) Direct Care staff received Peg Johnstone Awards for their steadfast work in keeping individuals who live in DDRC residential settings safe and encouraged during the pandemic. Bravo! The Developmental Disabilities Foundation sponsors the awards.
Artist Gayle Crites received the Special Recognition Award for donating her many artworks for sale to benefit DDRC, including art offered at our summer auction. The sale of these pieces provided thousands of dollars for DDRC services.

How special for DDRC to be the recipient of this quality art, as her work has been shown in the renowned art hub of Santa Fe, New Mexico at Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art and in many galleries.
We were privileged to recognize Jack Lopez with our Partner Award. Jack is a visionary, an incredible connector and a person who takes ideas and makes them happen.

He has volunteered and been involved with DDRC for decades through his brother. He has been a long-time supporter of our golf tournament, has been instrumental in connecting DDRC to companies and contributors, and was key in connecting DDRC and Gayle Crites. 
Howard and Charlotte Mai were recognized with our Friend Award. They are amazing ambassadors for people with developmental disabilities and longtime supporters and volunteers of DDRC. Their daughter has received services with DDRC over her lifetime.
At the start of the pandemic, the Mais worked with DDRC to establish the Rapid Response Fund with their matching dollars. The fund brought in more than $60,000 and was crucial to ensuring we were able to keep our Quality Living Options residents safely-served during the initial phase of the pandemic.
The award plaques featured art by Chrissy Biggs, a young lady who has received services from DDRC, including supported employment services which have played a part in her success.

We congratulate the awardees, and thank our DDRC Board of Directors, Chrissy Biggs, and to all who joined us for the virtual meeting. 
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