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Annual Congregational Meeting
Postponed to Sunday, March 15th

We are so sorry to have to do this again, but this winter is proving to be very difficult with our schedules.

Due to the fact we have key people not available on March 1st and the following week, March 8th, we have decided to move the meeting to Sunday, March 15th after service.

Being optimistic, one has to believe that it will be warmer by the Ides of March!

It's the same plan as before, so please look to see what you can bring for the Potluck lunch below AND all committee chairs should have their Annual Report to Sonia Higley by now.

Congregational Annual Meeting & Potluck Lunch
Sunday, March 15th after Service

We will recap the past year of committee activity, welcome the new committee members and discuss our Church goals, what issues we face and to share ideas together.

Plus, we'll have a great Potluck Lunch which is always fantastic.
  • Families with last names beginning A to K should bring a salad or dessert
  • Families with last names beginning L to Z should bring an entree.
Thank  you,

Jerry Burns

Pastor's Monthly Message

Pastor's Monthly Message

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