Telework has taken the world by storm. Remote work is fundamentally and sustainably reshaping how people work, get around, use office space, and develop communities.

Telework keeps teams focused on the goal, allows flexibility in scheduling, and gives people back the time they used to spend commuting. It reduces vehicle emissions and improves air quality. It opens new career opportunities to individuals previously out of range of good jobs. We know that employees want to continue having telework flexibility after the pandemic ends, if not five days a week off-site, at least two or three. Is your company ready to make that happen?

We’re pleased to present The Move Minneapolis Guide to Remote Work, your handbook to all things telework. This comprehensive guide is designed for employers, managers, and workers navigating the seismic work culture changes of 2020. From pragmatic discussion on using online management apps, to maximizing productivity and cost savings, navigating legal and tax considerations, and balancing home-work life when the office is your home, our guide provides a foundation for teleworking best practices along with real-life answers to unexpected situations.
The Move Minneapolis Guide to Remote Work downloadable pdf is updated regularly with the latest data, studies and real-life stories on teleworking. Download your free copy today.
Real Estate Strategies for a Post-Pandemic Future
Tuesday, November 10, 11am-12pm (free)
The COVID-19 pandemic has employers wondering what to do with office space. Should they consider buying or leasing new space or remodel what they already have? What about downsizing to prepare for continued remote work? Every CEO and CFO has a different situation and every company has a unique culture, but they're all asking, "What now?" Join this free webinar and hear from guest Tina Hoye, real estate broker and principal of NTH, who will apply her expertise in negotiating leases and managing design and construction for the commercial and nonprofit property market. Have your questions ready!
Speaker: Tina Hoye | NTH

Tina is a real estate broker who helps organizations align real estate decisions with business goals. Tina’s sound judgment, strategic perspective, and ability to stay cool-headed while navigating complex real estate transactions serve her clients and colleagues alike.

As President and Principal of NTH, Tina has more than 30 years of experience in the Twin Cities real estate market, serving clients from small nonprofits to large corporations. Recent clients include Ecolab, HealthPartners, and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.
Commuter Benefits Taxes In Plain English
Thursday, November 12, 2pm-3pm (free)
Qualified Transportation Benefits, also known as Commuter Benefits, are designed to help employees reduce their costs of commuting. How does this section of the IRS tax code affect employees involved in last spring's rapid rush to telework? Can they write off expenses for their new home offices? Are there any additional savings for their employers? Ed Sturm and Tammie Eichmann from Deloitte will illuminate in plain English the 2020 updates to the federal tax code for employer-sponsored transit, vanpool, biking, and parking benefits. They will also give a refresher on what is deductible and what is taxable in Section 132(f) of the IRS tax code.

Ed Sturm | Deloitte

Ed is the National Service Line Leader for Deloitte's Meals & Entertainment Tax Services Practice (M&E). He leads a team of 21 people working exclusively on all tax aspects of travel, meals and entertainment. He has been with Deloitte for 27 years, including 18 years in M&E. 

Tammie Eichmann | Deloitte

Tammie is a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Meals & Entertainment Tax Services Practice (M&E) and has been with Deloitte for 14 years.
North Minneapolis Roll To The Polls On November 3
On Nov. 3--Election Day--Move Minneapolis and a group of North Minneapolis community organizations, parks, and neighborhood associations will staff their closest Nice Ride stations to facilitate Nice Ride For All (see QR code below) sign-ups and direct folks to Roll to the Polls with free/discounted pricing through Lyft’s Voter Access promo. The community organizations will get their neighbors on wheels and on their way to the polls. North Minneapolis biking club Cycle Sisters will also hold a Vote Early, Roll to Polls Ride this month. Be sure to follow Cycle Sisters on Facebook to stay up to date on Early Voting (10/24) & Election Day (11/3) rides.

#CarFreeMSP - A Great Day Without Driving
The Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) region celebrated #CarFreeMSP (inspired by World Car Free Day) on Tuesday, September 22. Our cars stayed in the garage and for one glorious day people rode bikes or went by foot, scooter, transit, or even telework. More than 1,000 participants completed surveys on their car-free experiences and were entered into a drawing for an e-bike.
Companies took part in the fun, too. Zipnosis, a North Loop technology company that builds telehealth and virtual care platforms for healthcare systems, fully embraced the spirit of #CarFreeMSP. Their staff took part by working remotely, riding transit, walking or biking to work. Employees tweeted selfies of car-free travel endeavors throughout the day. Locally, some two dozen companies took part in #CarFreeMSP.
And the winner of the e-bike is...
Congratulations to Dani - the winner for of the #CarFreeMSP e-bike drawing! Dani lives in South Minneapolis and works downtown. She's already an avid biker, but is thrilled that her new e-bike from Pedego Twin Cities will provide her with another commuting option to work or for errands around town. Her husband joked that he'll have to get an e-bike too just to keep up with her.
Move Minneapolis welcomed Wipfli Financial Advisors to their beautiful new offices in Fifth Street Towers by hosting a virtual transportation benefits Lunch & Learn for their 185 employees. Outreach Director Becky Alper and Outreach Specialist Alex Burns demonstrated fast, affordable, sustainable commuting options and followed up with a Q & A session. Wipfli employees also received personalized trip plan recommendations for commuting to downtown from across the metro region. We look forward to welcoming Wipfli staff downtown in November.

We're the commuting experts who can help you and your staff get to work in a healthier and more cost effective way. What can we do for your company?
Move Minneapolis is a 501c4 nonprofit that promotes sustainable transportation.

Support is provided by a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant in partnership with the United States Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Council, the City of Minneapolis, MnDOT, Hennepin County, and the downtown community.