Summer 2024

Thanks to everyone who entered this year’s CAN DO Challenge! Here’s our list of finalists that made the cut for the final judging which will take place in August, and we’ll announce the winners in our September newsletter. In the meantime, check out the winning recipes from our past contests.

Pear Walnut Stuffed Chicken Thighs with Pear Bacon Jam

Cindy Kerschner, American Family Dining Services

Allentown, PA

Tacos Al “Pear-stor” with Grilled Pears and Pear Tomatillo Salsa

Ross Katz, Junior Chefs Academy

Indianapolis, IN

Korean Pear Kimchi and Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich

Andrew Francisco, Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo, MI

Pear Frangipane Tarte with Toasted Almonds

 and Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

Michael Zebrowski, The Culinary Institute of America

Hyde Park, NY

Pear Samosas and Spiced Red Wine Pear Reduction Sauce

Steven Schmidt, University of North Texas

Denton, TX

Pear Glazed Beef Yakisoba Noodles with Caramelized

Soy Garlic Pears

Kevin Jenkins, Garland ISD

Garland, TX

Past Winners

Refreshing Smoothie for Smoothie Day

Celebrate National Smoothie Day on June 21 with our refreshing, dairy-free Kale-Pear Super Smoothie that’s packed with fruits and veggies! Canned Bartlett pears add subtle flavor, sweetness and body to smoothies.

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Meet Chef Thomas Wlodarczyk

Executive Chef Compass Group/Chartwells K-12

Clio Area Schools, Michigan

What are your responsibilities and how many meals do you serve?

My daily responsibilities are staff training, menu development, program implementation,  catering, marketing, safety program, environment, and equipment updates. We serve 2,500 meals a day.

How did you decide to incorporate canned pears into your

Pear & Strawberry Creamsicles?

Canned pears are always available when fresh pears are out of season. They have a soft texture which enables us to use whole pieces in the creamsicles, and incorporating the syrup helps the popsicle to have a smooth bite. It pairs great with strawberries balancing the acidity that strawberries sometimes have. This recipe is sweet and simple, and we’ll serve this again. It’s a treat for all grade levels and a quick treat on a hot day.

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Quick & Easy Dressings and Sauces

Reach for canned Bartlett pears to add ripe pear flavor and body when blended into salad dressings and sauces. And don’t forget to use the juice to add subtle sweetness and to thin prepared dressings.

Pear and Chicken BLT Salad Recipe

When ordering canned pears, look for “U.S.-Grown” and support our farmers! You can count on American canned Bartlett pears for quality, safety, and consistently delicious flavor.

The Bartlett pear orchards in Oregon and Washington are full of bloom and beautiful. Growers will begin harvesting the 2024 crop later this summer and get them ripened, canned, and ready for fall 2024 and beyond.

From the Tree to the Can
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