Dear Community,

Fiscal Year 22-23 marked a remarkable period for 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic. Our dedicated team, supportive partners and the inspiring young individuals we serve made it possible to achieve so much beyond expectations.

Our dream of adding a new Hunter’s Point location has been realized, enabling us to now offer access points for essential housing, health and youth development across the entire Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. Post-pandemic, we expanded our downtown navigation center to full capacity by adding beds and support staff. Across the city, we helped eager youth plan for college, created more career opportunities, and introduced new health and counseling services critical to the wellbeing and resilience of every individual we serve.

We are excited to share these accomplishments with you and extend our deepest gratitude for your ongoing support. Your commitment has made a meaningful difference in the lives of many young people, expanding horizons and building a bright future where our youth can reach their highest potential—and thrive.

With gratitude,

Joi Jackson-Morgan

Executive Director 

FY22-23 Annual Report: Expanding Horizon

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