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Hello Cultural Partners, 

In two weeks, we will begin visiting communities around the state as part of the Inspire WA in Residency program, sponsored by the WA Dept. of Commerce. This email contains information about what these residencies entail and events you can attend and opportunities to connect with us in-person while we're in your region.

From Clallam to King to Ferry Counties, we have the challenging task of uniting WA cultural businesses of all sizes and disciplines around a meaningful legislative agenda.  To earn the future support of the Legislature, we need to work together as a united cultural ecosystem to secure resources that will inspire all Washington communities. We hope you will join our Community Town Hall conversations! 

Now that we have application dates for WW5, the clock is ticking. It is imperative that we all work together as a cultural community to ensure all our colleagues and partners in every Washington county are aware of this amazing funding opportunity and make a plan to apply. 

Thank you for all that you do for your community's cultural future!


Manny, Jessi, and Madeline

Inspire WA in Residency

Sponsored by the Department of Commerce, Inspire Washington will be visiting six regions across the state in August and September. These four-day residencies will be focused on building back the cultural economy and finding creative ways to spur recovery. 

The plan is to spend Tuesday through Friday in each region and accomplish the following things:

  1. Hold a Community Town Hall to share our first draft of our legislative agenda, get feedback from attendees, and share new ideas. 
  2. Meet with local lawmakers to discuss the importance of the cultural sector and how they can support recovery. We would love to include advocates and cultural partners in these meetings.
  3. Meet with cultural leaders to chat about the legislative agenda, how to engage their community, help prepare them for the legislative session, and just connect with them on a one-on one basis. 
  4. Meet with cultural allies in the business community, like hotel and restaurant owners, whose success depends on cultural business. We will chat with them about COVID recovery and how we can support each other. 
  5. Offer help sessions for the Working Washington 5 Grant Program and Open Office Hours. Manny, Jessi, and guests from the Dept. of Commerce will be available for folks to ask questions, get in-person help with their applications, or just stop by for a chat!

Would you like to attend any of these meetings or schedule an in-person event with Inpsire Washington staff? We would love to see you and your business in action! Email Jessi at

Aug 9-12, Southwest Region Events: 

Community Town Hall: Hilton Vancouver on August 10th at 7pm, click to register!

WW5 Grant Help & Open Office Hours: Java House in Vancouver on Aug 11th from 9am-12pm

Aug 16-19, Southeast Region Events: 

Community Town Hall: Franklin County Historical Museum on Aug 17th at 7pm, click to register!

WW5 Grant Help & Open Office Hours: Aug 17th from 9am-12pm at the

Aug 23-26, Northwest Region Events:

Community Town Hall: San Juan Island Community Theatre on Aug 23rd at 6pm, click to register!

Community Town Hall: Wild Buffalo House of Music in Bellingham on Aug 26th at 6pm, click to register!

WW5 Grant Help & Open Office Hours: Aug 24th from 9am-12pm at The Bean Cafe in Friday Harbor

WW5 Grant Help & Open Office Hours: Aug 25th from 11am-1pm at Locus in Bellingham

Sept 6-9, North Cascades Region Events:

Community Town Hall: Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center on Sept 6th at 7pm, click to register!

Community Town Hall: Methow Arts on Sept 8th at 5:30pm, click to register!

WW5 Grant Help & Open Office Hours: In Wenatchee on Sept 7 from 9am-12pm

WW5 Grant Help & Open Office Hours: In Okanogan Co, coming soon!

Sept 13-16, South Central Region Events:

Coming soon, stay tuned for more info! 

Sept 20-23, Peninsula Region Events:

Coming soon, stay tuned for more info! 

King County Meetings

In the month of October, we will be holding a public meeting in every King County district to update partners and advocates on our Legislative agenda. 

More info coming soon!

Cultural Futures: The Final Sessions

We will provide an overview of Inspire Washington, the importance of advocacy and how to get involved, cultural wins from the 2022 legislative session, and details about the Working Washington 5 Grant Program. We also want to hear from you! How can we support your community?

Click on a date below to register: 

Monday, August 8th at 9am

Monday, August 15th at noon

Working WA 5 Grant Updates

Working WA Grants: Round 5 Updates

The Department of Commerce released significant program information on July 11th, which included FAQs and technical questions and resources for applicants. The grant application portal will open on August 17th and will close at 5pm on August 31st.

Click here to review the FAQ document and full program eligibility.

What should I do now? A check list:

  1. Prepare your profit and loss statements and tax returns from 2019-2021.
  2. Apply for your UEI number (more info below). 
  3. Forward this email to your friends and colleagues who represent science, heritage, and arts organizations/businesses. Spread the love!

About: $70 million was appropriated by the legislature for the next round of Working Washington Grants: Round 5. In this round of grants, portions of the available funds are set aside for specific targeted groups or sectors: 60% is identified for the arts, heritage, and science sectors, including those that operate live entertainment venues; 40% is identified for most other sectors, including hospitality, fitness, and personal services. Administered by the Department of Commerce in partnership with ArtsWA.

Outreach to BIPOC, Rural and Other Communities

While a significant amount of federal funding has been directed to our state throughout the pandemic, not all cultural organizations, businesses, and artists reaped the benefits. Inspire WA is a steadfast advocate for the equitable investment of the Working Washington 5 grant program funding to ensure all communities receive support. 

Inspire Washington is partnering with La Sala, Washington State Historical Society, Festál, CD Forum, and All Aboard to host Zoom info sessions on the Working Washington 5 grant program for each community. The sessions with La Sala, Washington State Historical Society, and All Aboard have concluded, but there are still 2 sessions left!

How can you help? If you run an organization serving BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folks, rural areas, disabled folks, or any other community and you want to help amplify the funding program, please let us know. We're creating a calendar of events (Zoom and in-person!) and you can sign up now to be a co-host or request an event in your community. Or, perhaps, there's someone in your network that you think we should be talking to. Let's all work together to get the word out. 

For more information, please email

Unique Entity Identifier

The federal government recently changed its requirements for businesses and organizations receiving federal funds in the form of grants. It no longer uses the DUNS (Data Universal Number System) and has shifted to a new system known as the UEI (Unique Entity Identifier).

As of April 2022, recipients of grants using federal funds (including WW5!) are required to have a UEI, which replaces the DUNS Number. You can apply for the grant without the UEI, but you will not be able to accept your grant money until you have a UEI. It may take several weeks to get a UEI after registration, so start applying now!

Click here for more info, to look up your UEI, or to apply for a new UEI. 

Off-Session Advocacy

We need your voice! The off-session time is the perfect opportunity to make meaningful connections with your lawmakers. By establishing these relationships during the quieter summer months, your lawmaker will have a greater understanding of the importance of your work and be far more likely to support you when drafting the budget in January. 

Sign Up Now!

Why is summer a good time for advocacy? How will these meetings work, and where will they take place? What should you talk about with your lawmaker? Watch this video to find out! 


About Inspire Washington

Inspire Washington nurtures the human spirit and strengthens communities by increasing access to science, heritage, and arts programming through advocacy, resource development, education, and coalition building.

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