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NHM Virtual Book Club Upcoming Selections and a New Episode of Myths & Misadventures
The Sixth episode Myths & Misadventures, NHM's new video series is now live!

In this online educational series, NHM staff member Cairo Dye will tell a tale (or several) about gods, heroes & monsters from Greek Mythology in each episode.

The National Hellenic Museum staff Cairo Dye tells more about some of the Olympian Gods, discussing Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Ares, & Athena, as well as why roosters crow at dawn in this episode "Myths & Misadventures" 
We are pleased to announce our selections for NHM Virtual Book Club for the rest of the year!

Our upcoming Book Club selections:
October 15th – Rain in the Valley by Helen Papanikolas
November 19th – The Odyssey by Homer, as translated by Emily Wilson
December 17th – Calypso by David Sedaris

NHM Virtual Book Club is free to join and is held on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm CDT on Zoom

Click the buttons below to register for the individual bookclub meetings! 

On October 15th we will be discussing Rain in the Valley by Helen Papinkolas. Helen Papinkolas was one of the first (and most important) 
historians of the Greek American experience. Rain in the Valley is
a fictionalized account of her important work. The novel follows three generations of the Demas family as they struggle and thrive among the
vibrant Greek community of the Inner-Mountain West. It is a story
that finds universal resonance in its daring specificity. Rain in the Valley will change how you think about the Greek American
experience and the “American Dream” forever.
On November 19th we will be discussing The Odyssey,
a New Translation by Emily Wilson. It is Western civilization’s
oldest literary work. Homer’s Odyssey has thrilled, challenged, and entertained for nearly three thousand years. The thrilling epic of Odysseus’s return to his native Ithaca at the end of the Trojan War has been translated thousands of times into hundreds of languages.
Now, for the first time, Homer’s Odyssey has been translated into English by a woman. Written in poetic verse with the same number of lines as Homer’s original poem, Wilson's Odyssey has been described as “a lean, fleet-footed translation that recaptures Homer’s “nimble gallop”
and brings an ancient epic to new life.” Join the National Hellenic
Museum Bookclub as we explore not only Homer’s timeless tale,
but the art of translation and its very timely concerns.

On December 17th we will be discussing Calypso by David Sedaris.
Calypso is the 10th collection of essays by Greek American satirist and essayists David Sedaris. Perhaps the most critically and commercially successful Greek American writer of all time, Sedaris’s 10th collection of essays is a funny and raw exploration of topics as wide ranging and unexpected as politics, aging, and suicide--all handled deftly by Sedaris’s incomparable pen. The Guardian called Calypso “Sedaris’s most truthful work yet.”

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