Announcing the Spring 2021 Season!
A Message from The DocYard Curator, Abby Sun
We are so proud to announce the first three films of the Spring 2021 DocYard program: Courtney Stephens and Pacho Velez’s scintillating road trip centered around a most unexpected series of monuments, The American Sector; a special sneak preview of Congolese filmmaker Dieudo Hamadi’s masterfully moving record of a group of disabled civilian survivors of war seeking restitution, Downstream to Kinshasa; and the intimate longitudinal, observational So Late So Soon, a first feature from Daniel Hymanson on a married pair of artists he has known since childhood. There are more announcements on the way, but we are excited to start sharing the best boundary-pushing, artistic documentaries of the past year with you again.
And, don’t forget, we are offering a season pass for all eight programs for $30, the ticket price of three films—and you’ll receive an exclusive, high-quality DocYard tote bag with the purchase of a season pass.
Along with every film, we will host a live virtual Q&A with the filmmaker(s), which will also be live-streamed to Facebook. Be on the lookout for further news when those Q&As get scheduled!
Abby, Kayla, Lyda, and Gen
The American Sector
Directed by Courtney Stephens and Pacho Velez
Available online: Friday, February 12th – Tuesday, February 16th

Join us for a live Q&A with Directors Courtney Stephens and Pacho Velez on Monday, February 15th at 7 PM EST! Be on the lookout for Zoom and Facebook Live info in future emails!
About The American Sector: From libraries to museums (such as the JFK Library here) to amusement parks, Courtney Stephens and Pacho Velez’s The American Sector takes viewers to various places in the United States where pieces of the Berlin Wall are displayed, maintained, and interacted with by the public, and in turn, examines American historical memory and the meanings we ascribe to objects.
“The explorations undertaken by the directors Courtney Stephens and Pacho Velez in their documentary ‘The American Sector’ turn a high concept into high political drama.” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker
Downstream to Kinshasa
Directed by Dieudo Hamadi
Available online: Friday, February 26th – Thursday, March 4th

We'll have more information soon about the live Q&A with filmmaker Dieudo Hamadi!
About Downstream to Kinshasa: Interspersed with moving stage performances and persistent assertion of space and dignity, Dieudo Hamadi’s Downstream to Kinshasa follows and honors a group of disabled survivors of the 2000 Six Days’ War as they seek reparations and recognition of their experience from the government.

“A film few have yet seen in theaters, to our considerable detriment, Dieudo Hamadi’s Downstream to Kinshasa offers a conveyance experience that’s as intense, urgent, and shocking as any I can recall seeing.” - Eric Hynes, Reverse Shot
So Late So Soon
Directed by Daniel Hymanson
Available online:  Friday, March 12th – Thursday, March 18th

Join us for a live Q&A with Director Daniel Hymanson and editor Isidore Bethel on Monday, March 15th at 3 PM EST! We'll share Zoom and Facebook Live info closer to the date!
About So Late So Soon: Artists Jackie and Don Seiden have been married for five decades and in that time, they have each created distinctive art practices while living in their colorful house in Chicago. So Late So Soon intimately follows Jackie and Don as they contend with the effects of deterioration on their home, art, and bodies.

“While Jackie and Don are funny and fascinating subjects on their own, Hymanson’s formal confidence elevates “So Late So Soon” to heights that the Seidens couldn’t reach by themselves. Rigorous compositions are mixed together with fly-on-the-wall footage that highlight performativity without feeling too stagey.”- Vikram Murthi,
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