HSLM Applies for Zoning Application for Construction of New Shelter

Humane Society London & Middlesex is excited to announce that in partnership with Old Oak (seller), a zoning application has been submitted to the City of London for our future home and your community shelter in the east end of London.

For 120 years, HSLM has resided at 624 Clarke Road, in London, ON. During this time, over 240,000 pets have passed through our doors. The current building is a series of construction and retrofit projects, resulting in a combined 9,800 square foot facility sitting on just under one acre of land. Through the years, staff, volunteers and the Board of Directors have kept up the needs of the aging infrastructure to serve the animals in our community. As our building continues to age and the need in our community grows, it is now time to prepare for a better future. 

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, HSLM is proud to share that we have moved into the first stage of “Zoning Application – Zoning By-Law Amendment” with the City of London for a zoning change on a property at 1414 Dundas St, London, ON.

As HSLM moves through this new and exciting stage in our organizations history, we will provide updates on the status of our new shelter project at
This new home will be the opportunity to reinvigorate our community and continue to provide the much-needed services for at-risk animals. More details on how to support HSLM's campaign to build our new shelter will be announced pending zoning application approval. 
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