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With the start of the new year, it is time for Alaskans to apply for their 2023 PFD! While filing, everyone has the chance to support JAR and our mission by pledging a donation through Pick.Click.Give.

While applying for their PFD HERE, Alaskans can choose to Pick.Click.Give. in increments of $25. All donations are tax-deductible, and donors will receive tax documentation from the State once their donations have been processed. Permanent Fund Dividend applications are available from January 1 to March 31, though Alaskans may choose to add or adjust their pledges online through August 31.

Pick.Click.Give. provides supporters with a way to contribute to the care, sheltering, and health of pets in need in the Juneau and Southeast community by donating to JAR. We appreciate your continued support; donors like you make our work possible. Without your help, we wouldn't be able to provide vital care to pets in need.

Pets like JAR's small animals...

Pebble, a three-year-old male guinea pig, arrived at JAR in late January, when his former owner stated that he was not getting along with the other guinea pig in the home. Guinea pigs are very social creatures that often prefer the company of other guinea pigs. However, it can take time to introduce guinea pigs properly to set them up for success and a strong bond.

Othello, a two-year-old guinea pig, arrived at JAR shortly before Pebble, because his owner did not have time to care for him. Like most guinea pigs, Othello is a bit warry of strangers, but once he gets to know you, he enjoys attention and loving pets.

Most of the small animals that are relinquished to JAR end up at the shelter because they were purchased or acquired for a child. Small animals are often seen as "beginner" pets, even though proper care of a small animal can take as much time and attention as a dog or cat.

Most small pets are brought into a home without considering the commitment that a small animal entails: ferrets live for about ten years, parakeets live for about eight years, and guinea pigs live for about eight years. Some reptiles can live for decades. Small animals are often relinquished in the early years of their lives because owners become bored of them, decide they don't have time to care for them, or "upgrade" to a dog or cat.

It can be good for children to learn about responsibility by helping care for family pets, but no child should be expected to completely independently care for an animal. Parents often think that when a child stops caring for a pet independently, relinquishing the pet to a shelter provides a lesson in consequences for the child. Unfortunately, this is not the case: relinquishing small animals to a shelter teaches children that pets are disposable, and not important members of the family who should be properly loved and cared for.


JAR can help care for pets that have long-term stays at JAR, like many of our small animals, through contributions to our Second Chance Fund. We need your help to replenish this vital fund so we can continue to serve pets in need of extended care and special veterinary care.

If you are interested in adopting one of our amazing pets, check out our adoption page HERE.

Will you please consider contributing to our Second Chance Fund to help us care for pets in need? Just click on the button below to donate. Your donation goes directly to help pets, like those who are waiting for loving, responsible furever homes. Help us help them by donating today.

Samantha Blankenship
Executive Director
Juneau Animal Rescue



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