Feb. 5, 2021
Anaheim continues to respond to the coronavirus outbreak as we work to overcome a winter surge in cases.

We provide daily updates at Anaheim.net/coronavirus and on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The newsletter is a weekly summary.

We thank everyone in Anaheim for doing your part to stem the spread of coronavirus in our community, and we want you to know that as your city, we're here for you.

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Anaheim cases: 39,463

We continue to see a downward trend in new COVID-19 cases in Anaheim and Orange County as we overcome the winter surge. 

Continue to fight COVID in all you do so we can -- finally -- get past this pandemic together.

Anaheim saw an increase of 1,066 cases in the past seven days, while Orange County saw 6,561 new cases in that time. 

Anaheim is at a cumulative 39,463 cases, with 4,980 among children. 

Orange County is at a cumulative 236,338 cases, with 24,170 among children.

Sadly, Anaheim has seen 604 people pass from complications of COVID-19, the condition caused by coronavirus. The county has seen a total 3,297 deaths.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends who have lost someone dear to them.

The county has processed a total of 2,748,226 polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, tests, the standard for diagnosing COVID-19 cases.

Though we are beginning to near case counts and positivity rates we haven't seen since before the holiday season, Anaheim and Orange County remain in the purple Tier 1, the most restrictive in the state's color-coded reopening framework.

Read more at Anaheim.net/reopening. 

The county's current case rate is 39 per 100,000 residents.

The county's current positivity rate is 10.9 percent.

We continue to distribute vaccines in our city and county at Anaheim's Super POD site and mobile clinics in harder-hit areas. See more on vaccines below.

Here's a look at the latest data by ZIP codes in our city.

92804: southwest Anaheim

Knott Avenue to the west to Euclid Street to the east, and from Lincoln Avenue to the north to Ball Road to the south. The ZIP code is the most populous in Anaheim. It is also home to the most skilled nursing facilities along and near Beach Boulevard.
  • Population: 92,854
  • Total Cases: 9,661
  • Nursing facility cases: 656
  • Deaths: 219 with 114 from nursing facilities
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 13 percent, down from 14.6 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 51.7, down from 70.2 the week prior
92805: central Anaheim

Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway to the west to State College Boulevard, and from the Riverside (91) Freeway to the north to Orangewood Avenue to the south. The ZIP code has the second highest population.
  • Population: 75,069
  • Total Cases: 9,377
  • Nursing facility cases: 104
  • Deaths: 111 with 20 from nursing facilities
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 14.5 percent, down from 17.6 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 65.7, down from 103.9 the week prior
92801: northwest Anaheim

Western Avenue to the west to East Street to the east, Lincoln Avenue to the south to the Riverside (91) Freeway to the north. The ZIP code is home to third highest population.
  • Population: 63,483
  • Total cases: 7,287
  • Nursing facility cases: 146
  • Deaths: 97 with 27 from nursing facilities
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 15.2 percent, down from 17.4 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 65.9, down from 101.3 the week prior
92802: central-south Anaheim

Euclid Street to the west to the Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway to the west, and from Lincoln Avenue to the north to Orangewood Avenue to the south. The ZIP code has the fourth largest number of people.
  • Population: 44,456
  • Total cases: 5,059
  • Nursing facility cases: 161
  • Deaths: 91 with 40 from nursing facilities
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 14.9 percent, down from 16.2 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 63, down from 90.3 the week prior
92806: central-east Anaheim

State College Boulevard to the west to Tustin Avenue to the east, and from Orangethorpe Avenue to the north to the Santa Ana River to the south. The ZIP code has the fifth largest number of people.
  • Population: 41,980
  • Total cases: 4,276
  • Nursing facility cases: none
  • Deaths: 39
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 11 percent, down from 12.7 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 59.6, down from 81.7 the week prior
92807: Anaheim Canyon, part of east Anaheim

Tustin Avenue to the west to Fairmont Boulevard to the east, Orangethorpe Avenue to the north to Serrano Avenue to the south. The area has the sixth most people.
  • Population: 37,119
  • Total cases: 2,433
  • Nursing facility cases: none
  • Deaths: 33
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 11.6 percent, down from 14.6 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 44.9, down from 60.3 the week prior
92808: east Anaheim

Fairmont Boulevard to the west into the eastern open space, from Riverside (91) Freeway to the north to southern city boundary. The ZIP code includes part of Anaheim's eastern open space with no homes and has the fewest people.
  • Population: 21,603
  • Total cases: 1,136
  • Nursing facility cases: none
  • Deaths: 12
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 14.3 percent, unchanged from the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 33.7, down from 54.9 the week prior
Among cities, Santa Ana has the most cumulative cases at 42,658, followed by Anaheim at 39,463, Garden Grove at 15,376, Orange at 11,110 and Fullerton at 10,540. 

Find daily updates at Anaheim.net/coronavirus and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Vaccines: 80,000 and counting in Anaheim

More than 80,000 vaccines have been given in Anaheim, with the number growing each day.
That's out of nearly 300,000 given across Orange County, including second shots for two-dose vaccinations from Moderna and Pfizer.
Each day, we administer some 5,000 vaccines at the Anaheim Super POD at Disneyland Resort.
We know they can't come fast enough, particularly for those looking to vaccinate an elderly loved one.
We are seeing progress each day as we work through the current eligible group, known as Phase 1A.
It includes healthcare workers, first responders, nursing home residents and those 65 and older. You also must live or work in Orange County to be vaccinated at a county site.
We are a few weeks away from finishing vaccinations for those in Phase 1A.
From there, barring any changes in how California administers vaccines, we would move on to Phase 1B, which includes teachers, food workers, those in transportation, construction, building management, critical manufacturing and others.
The Anaheim Super POD continues to improve each day with operational upgrades and accommodations for seniors and others who need extra help.
We know the county's Othena appointment system has presented its share of challenges. We're seeing improvement there, too.
The system is now making appointments for those who completed the online registration about two weeks earlier.

And the app is now available in Spanish.

If you received your first dose, you will automatically be scheduled for your second dose in Othena. Find your date and time by logging in to your Othena account online or on the app.

We thank everyone for their patience. While vaccine supplies are steady, appointments are limited by the amount of vaccine we get from the state each week.

We are looking forward to increased vaccine supply from the state and federal government as well as a more steady stream of vaccines, which will allow the county to offer appointments further in advance.
It's also critical that everyone waits until they are eligible to be vaccinated.

Even if you're able to get an appointment through Othena, you will be turned away if you're not part of the eligible group or don't live or work in Orange County. You'll be asked to provide proof of both of these things once you arrive.
Here are some updates from the Anaheim Super POD and vaccines overall:
Pfizer, Moderna: The Anaheim site now offers Pfizer's two-shot dose in addition to Moderna.
On any given day, we'll divide our six shot tents between Moderna and Pfizer. They can't be mixed and matched, so it's always good to be familiar with which one you've received.
You won't be allowed to choose which vaccine you want to receive. Both have effective rates of about 95 percent after two doses. 
Moderna is about 80 percent effective after the first dose, with Pfizer at 52 percent with one shot.
While that's great, getting the second shot is critical to stop spread and build immunity in our city.
Other than sore arms, those vaccinated see few issues after the first shot. The second shot can bring short-term mild fever, chills and muscle aches. That's a good thing -- it is your body building immunity to coronavirus.
Both vaccines mimic a harmless protein made by coronavirus. They do not contain any live virus. 

Your body recognizes the harmless protein and then gets to work fighting what it thinks is coronavirus, even though you're not infectedSo even when you feel sick after that second shot, rest assured you don't have COVID-19.
Johnson & Johnson: a third vaccine is before the Food and Drug Administration for emergency authorization. We could see movement on it in late February.
The Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only one shot and has different levels of effectiveness against getting severely sick, hospitalized or dying.
We are hoping to see the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as a third option in Anaheim and Orange County, particularly for those with limited mobility and in settings where giving one shot is more effective. 

However, we await final word from the state on whether we'll be allocated doses of Johnson & Johnson or if the county will reserve them for specific groups.
To learn more about vaccines, see Anaheim.net/vaccines.
Free COVID-19 testing

Testing is readily available across Anaheim!

With the holiday rush and the peak of the winter case surge behind us, there are plenty of appointments available, often the same day with minimal or no waits.

Cases and other trends are moving in the right direction, but testing remains as important as ever to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Testing helps detect cases early and ensures someone infected isolates and is treated. That helps stop the spread of more cases.

Testing is available at the Anaheim Convention Center, City Hall, Brookhurst Community Center and the East Anaheim Gymnasium.

We expect to see an additional location in the Anaheim Canyon this month, as a resource for those at essential work.

We'll share more details when we have them.

Nonprofit Latino Health Access provides testing in some of our most impacted neighborhoods.

Latino Health is at Magnolia High School on Mondays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Wednesdays are at various locations from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with no appointment needed.

Fridays are at Anaheim High School from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For more on Latino Health Access testing, you can call (714) 805-7838.

There are no out-of-pocket costs for testing. If you have insurance, it will be billed. If you're uninsured, there's no cost.

Insurers are required to cover testing with no out-of-pocket costs as part of the the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security, or CARES, Act.

More details and appointment links at Anaheim.net/testing
Fight COVID: Super Bowl Sunday

Our public awareness campaign is out in full force across Anaheim, encouraging residents to fight COVID in all you do.

We need to keep our guard up, no matter where we are.

If you're planning to cook up some wings and cheer on the Chiefs or the Buccaneers for the Super Bowl this weekend, keep COVID safety in mind.

Unfortunately, we can't have big parties this year, but that doesn't mean it has to be a downer.

Limit any gatherings to no more than three households. Be sure to wear masks, especially if you go indoors to use the bathroom, etc., and keep 6 feet of physical distance between members of different households.

Keep it outdoors. Set up a projector in the backyard and put out tables or blankets for each household spread apart. Make it a picnic and have each household bring their own food and drinks to avoid mixing. Spruce up the yard with some string lights and outdoor fire pits to make it feel special.

The safest way to celebrate? Do it virtually. Cheers each touchdown over video chat from the comfort of your home. Bonus: You can keep the wings to yourself.

We know it's not what we hoped for almost a year into this pandemic, but it's where we're at. 

We all need to do our part just a little bit longer to get our case numbers and hospitalizations low and get to the other side of this.

These are easy steps that can help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

While cases seem to be slowing a bit, we all need to keep doing our part to keep that downward trend going and get past this pandemic together.

Thank you for joining us in our campaign to keep Anaheim safe.

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