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Top 3 Meeting Management Tips

Let's cover the top 3 meeting management tips for this week and in the following weeks, we will share more helpful tips for your meeting management success. So here goes ... drum roll, please ...

(1) Communicate a Clear Purpose

Always - Send an agenda and any background materials ahead of time so people know what will be covered at the meeting. Consider sending a list of things that won't be discussed in the meeting as well.

(2) Try Writing Agenda Items as Questions or Outcomes

Although seemingly a subtle distinction, writing agenda items in the form of a question helps to align the agenda item with the purpose of the meeting and generates a "thinking" and "problem solving" frame of mind with respect to the agenda item. Alternatively, writing agenda items as outcomes establishes clarity of goals and objectives associated with the topic.

(3) First Things First

Organize the agenda so that the most important, more time-intensive topics are at the front of the meeting -- ensuring they get covered and get discussed while everyone is "fresh" and fully engaged.


Agree to and Communicate a Set of Operating Rules for All Meetings - Establish a clear set of guidelines and "Rules of Engagement" for your meetings. The tips noted above could be included in a part of your Operating Rules and Guidelines. Other items might include things such as:

(1) How cell phones will be handled.

(2) How meeting content and decisions will be cascaded down or otherwise communicated to non-attending team members (when applicable).

(3) How to handle absentee meeting members.

(4) How to suggest agenda items ahead of the meeting.

Have a great day!

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