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Anderman Ceramics are pleased to promote our ability to supply very large quartz tubes in both transparent and opaque

quartz grades

We very often engage with customers who are looking to push beyond what would be usually considered ‘standard’ outer dimensions and length when considering quartz production. In recent months we have worked with our customers to engineer and supply the following size tubes:

  • Transparent quartz: Outside diameter 315mm x wall thickness 3.5mm x Length 3455mm
  • Opaque quartz: Outside diameter 660mm x wall thickness 14mm x Length 1000mm
  • Opaque quartz: Outside diameter 610mm x wall thickness 25mm x Length 1550mm

In addition, we are able to customise quartz tubes adding flanges, calibrated/machined ends, and drilled holes and profiles.

Our capabilities extend to the following maximum dimensions, however should your requirements surpass beyond this, please contact us to discuss further, as we may have other solutions available:

  • Transparent quartz thin wall – Single piece: OD 890mm, L 3200mm
  • Transparent quartz thin wall – Multiple welded pieces, L 6000mm
  • Opaque quartz thick wall – Single piece: OD 700mm, L 1600mm

Our portfolio of quartz products and parts is not limited to only large quartz tubes. We also have a rich history of supplying smaller quartz tubes, including our ability to supply large volume orders as well as quartz plates, customised quartz parts and crucibles.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your quartz requirements and are confident our team have the in-depth material and application knowledge to meet your needs.

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