The winner is . . .


The Victory Center!

Thanks to you, we raised

over $50,000

for Autism Awareness Month!

Congratulations to Dynamic Drivers with Barry and Judi Nelson, Alex Lopez, Jessie N., and Johnathan S. for nearly achieving their huge super-duper goal to raise the most money and win the gold medal!

The silver medal goes to: Hole in One Heroes with Bob Werner, Kassandra Rivera, Emma A., and Garbriel L. for coming in an impressive second place. They also take the award for the most donations!

The bronze medal goes to: Fore-Frontiers with Rhonda Hill, Cory Thomas, Jack H., Frankie N. for coming in third place. Way to go!

A shout out for Honorable Mention to a team that played hard and exceeded their goal:

  • Links of Hope with Marta Goldberg, Jasmine Camacho Ramos, Gael L. and Ethan S.

And to these teams who played hard:

  • Autism Aces with Howard Lucas, Jesus McCain, Jonathan D., and Ana P.
  • Brilliant Birdies with Moshe Banin, Coach Daniel Gabin, Eli H., and Aaron B.
  • TAU Fraternity with Barry Nelson, Marty Dvorkin, and their generous fraternity brothers
  • Empowering Eagles with Brad Gordon, Nicalyn Lubin, Aaron P., and David R.
  • Eagles for Autism with Marty Dvorkin, Natalya Garcia, Gennaro H., Milan R. & Mattias R.
  • Winning Wedges with Mirlene Dubreeze, Leilani Hernandez, Christian S., and Cody I.
  • Birdie Buddies with Gil Drozdow, Ami Kashiwagi, Alan C., and Khalil L.


Because you all are such incredible fundraising "athletes", we are able to continue providing the high-quality, individualized education for our precious students. 100% of the money that was raised will be used for the mission of The Victory Center. It is a victory for all of us. Thank you.

P.S. If you still want to donate, you can do that by clicking here.

Thank YOU for your kindness to the students and their loving families!

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