Week 1: RESET

This week's theme is RESET.

"The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it."

- John Ruskin
Let's Celebrate!
Week 1 is almost done. Let's celebrate!

Put your hands up and cheer for the 1,500 York and Lancaster county folks who have embarked on this awesome journey for a healthier life.

The above video includes RESET participants across the nation. Each week, a new Celebration video will be shared. We'd love to see your faces in the next edition.

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Today's Advice
Coach Bridget says,
"RESET-Heroes! Don't let 'doing this challenge on my own' be your kryptonite to achieving your goals."

Register here for the RESET Small Group Experience:

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StrongLives across the country will share their RESET journeys, wins, struggles, hopes...don't miss out on the KEY to your success: teamwork.

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Beginning Monday, February 8, 8:00 am, you can pick up your Resistance Band at your home YMCA branch.

If you are not a Y member, you can pick up your band at any of the 4 York Association Locations:
  • Bob Hoffman Dover Branch (Dover)
  • Eastern Branch (East York)
  • W. Dale Brougher Foundations YMCA (Shrewsbury)
  • York Branch (City of York)

Join Stacy Sims in a seated stretch, breath and meditation practice to release tension and feel centered.
Hear from our team!
The word Yoga, means "to yoke" or to bind together. It is the union of mind and body, breathe and movement.

Below is a standard Vinyasa (flow) sequence demonstrated by Morgan Strathmeyer, York Branch YMCA.
Begin standing tall, feet under hips, toes together, heels slightly separated, arms by your side.

With feet grounded to the floor, lift the arms high and you inhale, and fold forward on the exhale.

From the fold, inhale and complete a half lift with hand either on the floor or the shins, as pictured to the right.

Repeat several times to warm up the muscles of the torso, shoulders and legs.
From standing position, lift the arms overhead and step the left leg back, landing in right side Warrior I. Hips are turned to the front of the room, arms reach to the sky, the front knee bends to a 90 degree angle and the back leg is straight with the foot on a 45 degree angle.

On an exhale, move to Warrior II, opening the arms wide, moving the front knee slightly to the right for a stretch across the pelvis and look over the right index finger.

Inhale and move to Reverse Warrior, keeping the legs strong while extending the front arm over the head for a side body stretch.

Exhale, straighten the front leg, hinge forward into Triangle Pose. Both legs are straight and the arms form a vertical line.
From standing position, repeat the first group of poses: overhead reach, forward fold, half lift.

Return the hands to the floor, inhale and step both legs back to land in a high plank.

With a strong core, exhale, lower down to a low plank, or modify by dropping knees to the floor.

Inhale as you shift into Upward Facing dog, straight arms, curved low back, open chest and thighs off the floor.

Exhale and move into Downward Facing Dog, hips high, heels to the floor, arms straight and gaze to the navel.
From Downward Facing Dog, inhale and roll the body out to a high plank. Exhale and slowly lower the body to the floor.

Extend the arms and legs, inhale and lift off the ground into Locust. Hold this pose for several breaths, opening the chest and hyperextending the low back.

Lower to the ground and shift back to Child's Pose, sitting onto the heels and extending arms over the head. Rest in this pose for several breaths.
Move to a seated position, stacking the legs like logs. Place the right foot over the left knee for Double Pigeon Pose. Hold to release hip tension. Stay upright if the sensation in the hip is intense. Fold forward for a deeper stretch.

Rise and repeat with the left leg on top.

Uncross the legs and lay down on your back, legs straight and arms by your side. Relax the body and close the eyes for Savasana. Keep the mind alert and the body still.

Return to seated after 5 to 10 full breaths.

Yoga is like life.
It's a balance of holding on and letting go.
There are many styles of yoga, and we offer a variety of options on our YouTube channel. Scroll through our Yoga YouTube Playlist to find a class for practice.

Choose from:
  • Seated Chair Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga
  • Power Yoga
Music to Motivate!
Music to soothe the mind, body and soul

Yoga Playlists by Craig Snyder, Eastern Branch YMCA

Celebrate: We Are Loved!
by Cori Strathmeyer, Director of Healthy Living,
YMCA of York and York County

1 John 4:19
“We love because he first loved us.”

My youngest son called this morning before work, and I quickly snapped up the phone, concerned there was an issue. After my “hello” he replied,

“Mom, I just called to tell you that I love you.”