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A Different Time, A Different Place
By: David R. Moore

It was July 21, 1970, a steamy, mid-summer evening, and I was standing on the bridge with a couple of friends, surveying the Town River that was near the flood stage, at the paper mill. Halfway around the world in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam, two OH6 helicopters were falling out of the sky, and four young men would die in the crash. One GI, Specialist Walter Joseph Kacsock, a very close childhood friend and classmate, would become forever young.
Two days later, after coming home from work, I got a phone call from Chuck's cousin bearing the news. The conversation was brief; he had been killed in action, and that she would call with more details as the family was informed. The next two weeks seemed like it took forever, waiting for his body to return home.
Chuck, or "Sock" as he was known to his friends, was an only child, and his passing was an unimaginable loss to his Mom and Dad. In his home was an extended family with his Mom's sister, her husband, and their daughter, Janet, who was like his sister. He was an avid, skilled surfer and model builder and usually “the life of the party”.
Each night, as we waited for his return, the guys would get together after work. A few of us would go over and sit with the family as it seemed to give his mother great comfort, his close friends being around. She was a great cook and hid her grief cooking these incredible Polish cookies and other desserts. We would sit around and reminisce with his cousin about all of the crazy things we had done with Chuck.
Chuck served his first seven months “in country” as a company clerk at a forward helicopter base, B Company, 7/17 Air Cav Unit, Camp Holloway not far from Pleiku. The Army may have taken his body, but they never took his spirit. He was an adventurous kid who wasn’t content sitting behind a desk. Back home, he was an accomplished surfer. He missed his boards. Being in country 6 months he earned his R&R and chose Bondi Beach, just outside Sydney, Australia. For seven days he lived his dream; beer, women, and the fantastic surf that he had only read about.
Returning to Vietnam, he wrote of the great time in Austrailia. And he expressed concern; he was bored, sitting behind the desk watching a war happening around him.
Sock extended his tour a few months to receive an earlier discharge. When he got back to the states, he wanted out of the Army and back to life again. He had plans to order his dream car four weeks before his return home. His 1971 Pontiac Firebird, HO 350, would be waiting for him. He also had a school for automotive design in Detroit picked out to attend when he got back.
Despite his plans for the future, he was still not content. Each evening, he would sit with the guys and hear the stories passed around. His company had OH6 helicopters, LOACH (Light Observation Attack Helicopters). They would go out each day and look for the enemy. Flying at treetop level, 50 to 60 MPH, they would look for trouble, draw fire and the Cobra gunships 1500 feet above would swoop in for the kill.
It had a two-man crew, a pilot and an observer directly behind him. The observer might have his M16, smoke and frag grenades, and sometimes a few blocks of C4 to mark a target for the Cobras above. Getting shot down was not uncommon, so it took a skilled pilot. Chuck wanted the observer job.
Bridgewater had already lost four men in Vietnam, and we did our best to discourage him. We later learned that some of his buddies also tried to talk him out of it but to no avail. He put in for the transfer, and with eight months in the country, six to go, he made a move. He wrote back that he loved the new job. Back in the states, we held our breath and waited. We all continued our letters on our adventures back in the states, but they were pale in comparison. Two weeks later, I got the call from his cousin.
We were all stupid kids, that took chances back then. We drank too much and drove to fast, too often. We all had close calls but cheated the odds, and we all hoped our luck, his luck included, would hold. We have no real appreciation of what he saw over there or what drove him to take that chance.
I will never forget my last moments with him. The night before he left, we had been out on a double date, and he was dropping me off at my home. We sat in front of the house and talked about his pending journey. There was hope that the Nixon’s recent announcements on troops gradual drawdown, would bring him home sooner than a one-year deployment. As the evening came to a close, there was a moment where he became silent and reflective, staring down at the steering wheel. It was a rare moment with Chuck, as he seldom confided concerning personal issues. "There is only one thing that bothers me about dying over there. My Dad tells me that he is aware of no other Kacsock’s to carry on the name."
I could only break the following chilling silence with my response, "Don't worry about it. Be careful; you are coming back." With that, we shook hands, I wished him luck, and I got out of his car. As he drove away, I stood in the street and watched his taillights fade into the darkness.
The funeral finally came and it was a blur of emotions, grief, and recollections of the good times. The military honor guard was a formality and impressive, but it was only a symbol of what took him from his family and friends. They took his body, but they never possessed his spirit.
Historical Tidbit:  The Stiles & Hart Brick Company

The Stiles and Hart Brick Company, located on Cook Street, is the last remaining brick manufacturing facility in Massachusetts. Established in the late 1800's, Stiles and Hart is a fourth-generation family owned company which uses cutting edge technology for custom bricks but still uses other technology, over 400 years old, that has yet to be improved on.

They manufacture high-end colonial sand-molded and waterstruck face brick in addition to their famous "Boston City Hall Pavers." Because of their authentic colonial beauty, Stiles and Hart bricks have been used in historic projects from Harvard University to Nantucket to Washington D.C. Many of the early buildings at BSU were built with Stiles and Hart bricks, although that was before the logo was added.

"We harrowed, rolled and scooped the clay and then brought it to the Waterstruck Machine soaking pit. After soaking overnight "Al" would shovel it into the top of our waterstruck machine. This is the front of our waterstruck machine which would make 18,000 bricks per day. We now make 70,000 per day. It took ten days to sun dry the brick and twelve days to burn. We now dry in thirty-six hours and burn in ninety-six hours. Sand was put on the bed of the brick to prevent the bed from shrinking faster than the bottom."
Stiles and Hart donated this land to the town of Bridgewater. It is now part of the 70-acre Stiles & Hart Conservation Park which will include trails, bridges and other scenic areas in the future.

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