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September 2015
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Dr. Haemi Choi, MD
Loyola Medicine
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Darien Swarm Football & Cheer started their season this weekend! 
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Chiefs Rugby is BACK! 

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 Evolution Soccer Club 


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EndureIT! Tri Kits are in! 

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 Abbey Wills is officially a tri-athlete. She has two races under her belt and raised money with Team In Training during the process. Congrats on this huge accomplishment, Abbey! 


The Functional Athlete 


Gina Pongetti and staff led a Science of Flexibility workshop at The Functional Athlete.


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                    Enhancing YOUR competitive edge
Ankle stability exercises for injury prevention 
                                    and strength        
Portrait in Color
Gina Pongetti, MPT, MA, CSCS, ART-Cert
Sports Medicine Director/ Owner
Biomechanics Specialist

The ankle of any person may be the most important tool in activities of daily living, sport, and performance. You use your ankles when running, walking up stairs, working out, on the field, in the gym, everywhere! You use them ALWAYS. Making sure they are strong and stable is essential to injury prevention and offers a strong foundation for activities.  
Many people spend thousand of hours practicing a specific play, move, or stunt but neglect to focus on their feet and ankle each practice or training session. Unless you have had an ankle injury, many do not realize how weak or unstable ankles can affect you. Let's learn from aspects of sprain and injury rehabilitation, and use this knowledge for prevention, strengthening, and enhancing your competitive edge! Read on...

1. Standing balance: 
Standing balance

Standing on one foot, see how long you can hold your balance. Now, increase the difficulty by adding motion, closing your eyes or moving your head up and down and side to side. You can also try standing on uneven surfaces, such as a pillow or couch cushion. 

2. Gingerbreads:


Stand on one foot with your feet forward. Lean sideways, keeping an "X" shape. Try to control the speed and focus on not losing your balance. This works the ankle, abs, and gluteal muscles, as well as balance. 

Balance and Twists, Teeter Tooters, and Calf Strength exercises are just as important! Read about them here. 

Gina Pongetti  is the owner and director of Achieve Sports Medicine. Gina focuses on manual therapy/ hands on techniques in combination with in-depth analysis of biomechanics and movement patterns. Read Gina's full bio,  here.  

Gina is available for scheduling out of our:

Burr Ridge Sports Medicine Clinic
7055 High Grove Blvd
Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Naperville Sports Medicine Clinic
1315 Macom Dr, Suite 105
Naperville, IL 60564
In the community: 

When it comes to personal trainers, many say that they are a dime a dozen.  Really? You would trust someone valueless to spot you, to teach you, to help you? Not me. The best part of my job is building quality relationships with people that our patients and staff trust. Thankfully, Achieve patients and staff have a variety of personal trainers and fitness professionals that they trust-Mike Padua is one of those.
Truth is, Mike's is not new to the Achieve Ortho family. Sports Medicine Director, Gina Pongetti has worked with Mike and his clients for more than a decade. Mike is the owner of Enhance Fitness Studio (6475 Joliet Road A1000, Countryside, IL, 60525), which caters to youth sports performance, elite levels, and adult sport performance.  
During college, Mike noticed that most communities around the Chicagoland area were decreasing their P.E. programs in school. Additionally, there were no facilities that would cater to youth fundamentals or complex motor development. From that point on, Mike made it a goal to create a facility that catered to motor skills and integrated strength for youth sports performance.  What started off as a goal is now a reality for Mike and his staff at Enhance Fitness Studio. Read our interview with Mike below: 

Q: What are some new additions/upcoming events/programs that you would like the community to be aware of? 
32 day Vertical Training Program to help athletes gain inches, power, and control in three main jump patterns.  Starts August 20th.
28 day Adult Transformation Program.  This program is loaded with a 4 week grocery list, recipies, and scheduled customized workouts.  Starts in September.
Personalized Fitness Training (PFT) - is a semi-private personal training program that delivers customized/individualized training programs at the studio for the fraction of the cost of 3 personal training sessions. Enrollment has started.
GROUPON for our Adult Group Fitness Classes 

Q: How important is it to have good communication with your clients' Physical Therapists at Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute? 

Super important.  Just like in any team sport, a team that works together is a team with the most success.  Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers are both designing programs to help the client get to better physical health.  Collaborating and communicating is important to keep the client progressing to get them back to great health.  
Read our entire interview with Mike, here

6475 Joliet Rd A1000
Countryside, IL 60525
(708) 837- 4348
Achieve Website

Physician's Corner:
Dr. Haemi Choi, MD 
Loyola Medicine 
Dr. Choi
Board Certified Family Medicine
Sports Medicine 

It is rare to find a physician that truly understands what a patient is going through. As a long time runner and cyclist, Dr. Choi has had her fair share of overuse injuries. The ability to relate to her patients concerns and empathize with their strict training programs has proved to be invaluable in her relationships with patients.

As patients have told us before, Dr. Choi spends quality time with each one of her patients to make sure they are "listening to their bodies" and getting all of their questions answered.  See the injury prevention advice and management suggestions that Dr. Choi provides in our full interview

Q: You are board certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. Can you tell us why you decided to practice both? How do the two (family med. and sports med) overlap on a daily basis?
I knew that I wanted to go into family medicine during my training as I enjoyed taking care of patients of all ages that I could follow long term.  I valued the relationships formed with patients and the ability to be able to provide comprehensive care.  I decided to pursue more training in sports medicine as I realized that musculoskeletal problems are one of the most common complaints seen in the primary care setting.  I spent time in my training with several primary care sports medicine physicians and really loved not only the process of treating active patients/athletes but also loved sideline coverage of athletic events.... Read more. 

Q: How does Achieve Orthopedic Rehab help your patients be successful in recovery? 
Acheive does a great job at looking at my patients from head to toe and identifying any other contributing factors that may be leading to their MSK issue.  The therapists are very skilled in manual therapy including ART/graston techniques and do a great job in rehabbing our patients back to their sport.  They spend a lot of individualized time with each patient from the initial evaluation to every PT session making sure they address all their needs, and I know the patients love the hands on manual therapy they receive each session which I think is hard to find these days.  All my patients I see in the office after their follow up visits from PT only have high praises for the therapists!

Read more about Dr. Choi and how to make an appointment! 

Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute - Sports Medicine