An update from Destined for Grace
Hoping all of you had a wonderful holiday season and spent it with many friends and family! Thank you to those who sent in end of the year donations. We greatly appreciate your support!


Our school is back open! Students are back in the classroom, teachers are back instructing and our cooks are back in the kitchen feeding all those hungry students. Thank you to those of you who carried us through by praying for Haiti and our students. While there is still much turmoil in Haiti, the roads are open and our students are back in the classroom! For that we are thankful! What a blessing to start off this wonderful new year with our school open and our students learning.

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to do another food distribution during December.

In an attempt to keep our students and their families fed, we conducted a SECOND large food distribution in which each family was given a large amount of rice, beans and oil. While this comes at a significant cost to us, these families are hungry and they need our aide. If you feel led to do so, please give towards this effort. We will continue to do distributions as needed and as the funds are given. Each distribution costs roughly $2,500.00. Please consider donating towards this ongoing need.
We are confident that God is working in Haiti now and that we will see change as a result from the turmoil. Please pray for Haiti that conditions will continue to improve, capable leaders will rise and that hope will be restored.
Thank you for your continued interest in our project
and your ongoing prayers and support!