An unexpected benefit from ergonomic flooring

When businesses opt for ergonomic flooring, it’s with many thoughts in mind.

A safer surface for staff to walk on.

Less wear and tear on the legs and backs of those staff members who are on their feet some or most of the day.

A reduction in workers compensation claims as a result of a more ergonomically sound floor.

Noise reduction.


That’s right. One of the benefits of a more resilient, more ergonomic flooring system is it will have some noise reduction qualities. This is true with most of our ESD flooring products. It’s not a huge reduction but a reduction nonetheless.

At the end of the day customers purchase a more ergonomic floor to reduce worker’s comp claims and to improve employee health and, subsequently, morale and retention.
But a reduction in noise certainly helps in those areas as well.

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Repstronics Open House
Last month we announced our agreement with Repstronics, the Mexican distributor for a number of internationally known electronics manufacturers, including Panasonic. On March 1, we will be south of the border for the grand opening of Repstronics new showroom in Juarez, Mexico. In addition to our exhibit, Repstronics will be hosting other specialists and leaders in the manufacturing industry.

Said SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli, “Most, if not all, of Repstronics customers manufacture products where electrostatic discharge is a factor. Presenting at the Repstronics open house will give us a great opportunity to forge relationships with those customers and help us create a bigger and better market for our products in Mexico.”

For more information on Repstronics, click the button below.
How do our tiles hold up to forklift traffic?
In addition to good looks, comfort and versatility, our ESD tiles also provide durability. Check out this video to see for yourself.
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