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This statue sits outside on my deck and lights up each evening. It is in remembrance of my son, Jason Douglas Woodward, who passed away in 1974. In June of this year, he would have been 53. I will always remember your smiling face, and how you loved your sisters and your family. I will never forget you, and I will reunite with you one day, my sweet boy.

As I was convalescing after my emergency surgery in March of this year, two visitors stopped to visit me.

I had the pleasure of meeting two therapy dogs. I can't recall the name of the dog on the left, however the other one is Conor. His owner gave me a card to inform me of Conor's birthdate, a Golden Retriever, born December 7, 2015. He delights in making new acquaintances when he visits, being petted, taking other people's shoes, playing with playthings, and indulging in meals! His paw is perfectly suited to give a high 5.

Do you have any idea what they are gazing at? There was a patio door in my room and they were watching a squirrel.

This made my day so much better!

Yahweh Sisterhood Book Club will be ending this summer.

Get your copy here.

After fifteen years, I'm bringing my book club to a close. It all began when I was living in Schenectady, New York. We would read a book on a monthly basis, take turns hosting in different homes. Eventually, we moved our meetings to a church I was attending.

When I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, I began attending my current church in 2016. It was a novel experience as we connected with the authors through Zoom every month.

When COVID began, I started to conduct Zoom interviews with authors, which I then uploaded to my website and YouTube.

Last year, the Holy Spirit made it known to me that it was time to close the doors, as God had a new plan. Making this decision was not easy but I chose to follow the plan that God had for me.

There are a few more interviews to do over the summer and then a fresh start awaits. If you want to find out more about this new journey, take a look at the article below.

I'm engrossed in the book "Overflowing Faith: Lettie Cowman and Streams in the Desert" by Michelle Ule. I'm hoping to have a conversation with Michelle this summer.


Here you go! In the years 2020 and 2021, I requested children’s authors to make a video of them reading one of their books. Throughout October, I posted one per day and each author provided a free copy of their book as a giveaway. They showed remarkable generosity.

Be sure to visit my website and see some of the books that the authors read.

It was that idea that sparked the creation of the nonprofit In Their Hands, Inc.

Our Mission:

Create a partnership with the community to enhance literacy skills.

Our Vision:

Envision a community where all have the opportunity to further their literacy skills and have a positive effect on their world.

We are in the process of creating plans for book nooks, story strolls, virtual writing programs for children in 2024, and much more. We are developing a website that will be packed with resources and how to learn more about us.

For now, you can visit my website and learn more.

If you live in the area of a Kroger grocery store, you can donate to us through their Community Reward program. Just go into your Kroger account and then search for In Their Hands, In., either by name or VY555, and then click enroll. It’s that easy.

Each time you use your Kroger card, we will receive a donation.

Visit Once logged into their Kroger account you can search for “IN THEIR HANDS INC” either by name or VY555 and then click Enroll.

It's that easy. Thank you, Jo

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