May 22, 2024

Board recognizes Lake County educator nominees

At the May 21 Barrington 220 Board of Education meeting, the Board recognized eight educators who were nominated in the following categories for the 2024 Lake County Educator of the Year Awards:

  • Tom Bredemeier (Barrington High School): High School
  • Sandra Chang (Grove Avenue Elementary): Elementary/Early Childhood 
  • Kelly Gruenfeld (District Administrative Center): Service Personnel 
  • Jenny Morales (Grove Avenue Elementary): Diverse Learner Teacher 
  • Mike Nelson (Prairie Campus): Middle School
  • Michelle Tapia (Early Learning Center): School Administrator
  • Alejandra Vazquez (Station Campus): Early Career Educator
  • Tracy Walsh (Barbara B. Rose Elementary): Student Support 

Special congratulations to BHS Computer Science Teacher Tom Bredemeier, who was named the 2024 Lake County High School Educator of the Year! Click here to learn more about Mr. Bredemeier.

Winners of Superintendent and BHS Principal art awards announced

In his Superintendent Report at the May 21 Board meeting, Dr. Winkelman recognized AP art students Kennedy Renshaw and Lars Forsberg. Kennedy, a senior, received this year's Superintendent Art Award for her painting that depicts the love people have for their pets. The cat in the photo is Kenndy's cat named Cow who enjoys watching her family's fish in the fish tank. Her painting will be on display at the District Administrative Center for the next year. Kennedy plans to attend Savannah College of Art and Design.

Lars, a senior, received this year's BHS Principal Art Award for his photo of an alleyway in Bergen, Norway. Lars enjoys urban photography and capturing architectural details. His photo will be on display in the BHS front office for the next year. Lars plans to attend Penn State in the fall. Click here to view the recognition.

More than 100 BHS students earn College and Career Pathway Endorsement

In his Superintendent's Report at the May 21 Board meeting, Dr. Winkelman shared that more than 100 graduating seniors have earned a College and Career Pathway Endorsement on their diploma. Made possible by the Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act, students can earn an endorsement by completing an individualized learning plan, a career-focused instructional sequence, and professional learning opportunities.​​

Currently, the state offers endorsements in the following five areas: Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources, Health Sciences & Technology, Human & Public Services, Information Technology, and Finance & Business Services. BHS is the first high school in the state to offer the Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources endorsement.

District to focus on seven new objectives for 2024-25 school year

At the May 21 Board meeting, the Board heard an update on the district's strategic plan, Framework 220. The plan consists of six strategic priorities. Within each priority, there are several objectives. Next school year, the district plans to focus its work on the following seven objectives:

  • Learner Agency (Personalized Learning)
  • Grade-Level and Program Transitions (Health & Well-Being)
  • Social Media Awareness (Health & Well-Being)
  • Infrastructure/Facilities (Stewardship)
  • Support Strategic Priorities (Communication & Community Partnerships)
  • Professional Development (Inclusive Education)
  • Global Awareness (Future Readiness)

This past school year, the district focused on nine objectives and the work will continue on many of these objectives into next school year. To track the progress of the work being done within each strategic priority, please visit the Framework 220 dashboard. To listen to the Board presentation, please click here.

D220 launching PK-12+ SEL program next school year

At the May 21 Board meeting, the Board heard an update from the Department of Student Services & Support, which focused on Framework 220's Health & Well-Being strategic priority. One objective within that priority is Social Emotional Learning, which the district focused on this school year. After completing Stages 1 & 2 of Barrington 220's curriculum review cycle, next school year the district is launching a fully integrated pre-K through 12+ SEL program called Character Strong. The program includes research-backed curricula and training that increase belonging, well-being, and engagement for students and staff. Click here to listen to the presentation.

District Equity Team to launch community-wide book study this fall

At the May 21 Board meeting, the Board heard an update on the district's Equity 220 initiative. Specifically, the update focused on the District Equity Team's work this school year, as well as the district's professional development for staff and hiring practices. This school year all Board members had the chance to attend District Equity Team meetings to learn more about what the team is working on. New this year, the team piloted student-belonging focus groups at Prairie Campus and BHS to provide students with an opportunity to engage in conversations about inclusion. In addition, the team is launching a community-wide book study with a children's book called Breaking the Code with Gabriella, which was written and illustrated by BHS students. More information to come this fall! In addition to the work being done by the District Equity Team, the district is developing an ongoing process to recruit, hire, and retain a more diverse staff that mirrors Barrington 220's student demographics through a 'Grow-Your-own" Program'. Click here to listen to the presentation.


Barrington 220 PTOs raise more than $400,000 in recent years

At the May 21 Board meeting, the Board heard an update from Gwen Carfora, one of the leaders of the PTO Presidents' Council. Council members include the presidents from each school's PTO. PTOs help organize school book fairs, student celebrations, Snowflake, and more. In addition, they raise money for playground upgrades, flexible furniture, outdoor education areas, and more. In recent years, the PTOs have raised more than $400,000 across all schools. Click here to listen to the presentation.

Board recognizes Barbara B. Rose student

This school year one student from each Barrington 220 school has made a special appearance at a Board of Education meeting to share an update about the great things happening at their school. At the May 21 Board meeting, the Board welcomed Demi Deligiannis. Demi is a 5th-grade student at Barbara B. Rose Elementary. Demi has been very active at Rose, participating in Running Club, Girls Basketball, Stingray Singers, and the Barrington 220 Speech Tournament. She says her biggest highlight from her time at Rose was participating in the 5th grade musical, Finding Nemo. She also shared that the entire Rose staff is supportive, kind, and positive. Demi is excited to attend Station Campus in the fall! Click here to listen to Demi's update.

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