April 17, 2024

An update from the Department of Teaching & Learning

At the April 16 Barrington 220 Board of Education meeting, the Board heard an update from the district's Teaching & Learning Department, which focused on three areas:

Unified for 50 events

This school year Barrington 220 has celebrated the district’s 50th anniversary. In 1973 the district became a pre-K through 12+ unit school district. The district has incorporated this milestone celebration into the educational experience in many enriching ways, including partnering with the Barrington White House and Barrington Cultural Commission to host three student and alumni-centered fine arts celebrations this year. Click here to learn more about Barrington 220’s 50th anniversary

Curriculum Review Process

Barrington 220 has a robust curriculum review cycle to ensure the curriculum is dynamic and meets the needs of students. The purpose is to develop research-based, up-to-date, rigorous, and high-quality curricula and instructional models. This year the district revised its approach by creating a single pre-K through 12+ model, rather than an elementary or secondary review process. This will optimize the strength of the unit district by ensuring continuity of instruction and learning.

Extended Services Program Review Update

A review of Barrington 220's Extended Program was recently completed in collaboration with Northwestern University and the Center for Talent Development. The full program review process consisted of online surveys, in-person and virtual focus groups with all stakeholders, on-site classroom observations, a detailed analysis of data, and a close look at district documents. Based on the data collected, the district is working to create a timeline to implement changes in the program over the next several years. 

The district is hosting a virtual informational session about Barrington 220 Extended Services on May 13 from 6pm-7pm. Please visit the district’s Family Engagement webpage to learn more.

Click here to listen to the full teaching and learning update.

Board approves Sunny Hill Principal and BHS Associate Principal

At the April 16 Board meeting, the Board approved two administrative positions in the district. Both will begin in their new positions on July 1.

Anthony Bradburn will be the new Principal at Sunny Hill Elementary School. Bradburn joins Barrington 220 from Township High School District 214, where he has worked as the Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion since 2021. He previously worked as the Principal of Roselle Middle School and the Director of Humanities and English at Niles Township High School District 219. Bradburn earned his bachelor's degree in English with a Spanish minor from Illinois State University, a master's degree in Teaching from Rockford College, a master's degree in School Leadership from Concordia University, and he is currently pursuing a doctorate in Curriculum Leadership from Northern Illinois University.

Ty Gorman will be the Associate Principal of Instruction and Future Readiness at Barrington High School. Gorman has worked as Barrington 220's Director of Technology & Innovation since 2018. He previously worked as the Associate Principal of Curriculum & Instruction at BHS and the BHS Social Studies Department Chair. Gorman earned his bachelor's degree in Psychology & History from Northern Illinois University. He also holds two master's degrees from NIU, one in Curriculum & Instruction and the other in Educational Administration. He is currently pursuing his doctorate at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Board approves 2025-26 academic calendar

To make planning easier for families, the Board makes an effort to approve school calendars in advance. At its April 16 meeting, the Board approved the academic calendar for the 2025-26 school year. Please visit the district's calendar webpage to view all school calendars.

Second round of stakeholder feedback coming up

In his Superintendent's Report at the April 16 Board meeting, Dr. Winkelman gave an update on the 2024 referendum community engagement process. As a result of the stakeholder feedback collected in February and March, the district became aware of a group of community members who feel strongly about adding a field house as one of the projects to consider in a potential referendum question. Of the 396 general public digital survey responses, 56 mentioned a new field house in the comment section. To understand where the full public stands on the field house, the district plans to add this as a supplemental item for the full public to review and consider during the next round of community feedback scheduled for the end of this month and early May. Like the other projects that have already been discussed, this potential project's advantages, disadvantages, and costs will be shared. This will allow the district to identify if a small group desires a field house, or if it has community-wide support. Click here to listen to Dr. WInkelman’s referendum update.

Framework 220 Spotlight: Health & Well-Being

In his Superintendent's Report at the April 16 Board meeting, Dr. Winkelman highlighted some of the work being done this school year as part of the district's strategic plan, Framework 220. The plan includes six strategic priorities for the district. One of the objectives under the Health & Well-Being priority is Social Emotional Learning. Next school year the district will implement a fully integrated pre-K through 12+ social-emotional learning program called Character Strong. The program includes research-backed curricula and training that increase belonging, well-being, and engagement for students and staff. All Barrington 220 staff will be formally trained before the start of the 24-25 school year. Visit the Social Emotional Learning objective on the Framework 220 Health & Well-Being dashboard to learn more.

BHS seniors select staff members for new award

In his Superintendent's Report at the April 16 Board meeting, Dr. Winkelman shared that BHS seniors recently had a chance to recognize one staff member who had a positive impact on them during their time in Barrington 220. Recipients of the Impact Award are invited as guests of honor to the BHS graduation ceremony on May 23. Click here to view the 2024 Impact Award recipients!

Dr. Winkelman to deliver keynote address at annual BADC dinner

In his Superintendent's Report at the April 16 Board meeting, Dr. Winkelman shared that he will deliver the keynote address at the Barrington Area Development Council's 50th annual Citizen of the Year Award dinner. The celebration, A Golden Celebration of Community Service, coincides with Barrington 220’s 50th anniversary. The dinner will take place on May 15 at Makray Memorial Golf Club. Click here to purchase tickets.

North Barrington student shares update with the Board

This school year one student from each Barrington 220 school will make a special appearance at a Board of Education meeting to share an update about the great things happening at their school. At the April 16 Board meeting, the Board welcomed Enzo Canale. Enzo is a 5th-grade student at North Barrington Elementary. He says North Barrington is a special place to learn because the staff members are nice, fun, and always willing to help students. He also really enjoys the new STEM lab at North Barrington that was made possible by the Build 220 initiative. Enzo looks forward to meeting new friends when he attends Prairie Campus in August! Click here to watch Enzo’s update

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