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October 2019
Dear Friend of DKT,

This past week marked both World Contraception Day and International Safe Abortion Day. We celebrated these important dates by doing what we do every day -- increasing access to high quality contraception and safe abortion options. 

This newsletter highlights some of these exciting efforts, including the introduction of IUDs in Costa Rica and bubblegum flavored condoms in Myanmar. We also launched a major media campaign in the Philippines, a humorous condom advertisement in Pakistan, and a series of sexual education programs in Liberia. 

I am proud of the DKT team members who wake up every day and make this work possible. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism are second to none. We were especially pleased last month that such efforts were recognized when DKT's own Chidinma Onuoha of DKT Nigeria was recognized as a 'young champion' of family planning.

We hope you enjoy reading our October newsletter and would be pleased to respond to any questions you may have.

Thank you for your support.

Christopher Purdy
FP2020 120 Under 40 Winners
Congratulations to Chidinma Onuoha of DKT Nigeria for being named one of the 120 under 40 winners from the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health for her work in improving access to family planning in Nigeria. DKT is proud to also have multiple nominees, including Linda Keku and Hawa Obaje of DKT Nigeria, Sandra Asiam-Boakye and Nafisatu Sulemana of DKT Ghana, Zagabe Sanders of DKT DRC, and Patricia Odongo of DKT Kenya and Uganda.
Youth Sex Education in Liberia
DKT Liberia partnered with the Swedish Embassy and UK-based education NGO Street Child to host sex education talks at five public schools in Liberia, reaching students aged 10-18 in remote rural areas. At the end of the talks, students watched sex-ed videos from AMAZE , an online resource about healthy sexuality for students and educators, and engaged in enthusiastic conversations and question-and-answer sessions with the speakers.
iPLAN Makes Family Planning
Affordable in Tanzania
DKT Tanzania is working in cooperation with UNFPA to offer iPLAN, a microinsurance package for young people that offers comprehensive family planning services. For just $4.25 a year, youth have access to long-term contraceptive methods, condoms, counseling, and HIV testing at DKT’s Trust Health and Wellness clinics. Over 4,000 students have enrolled in the program and are receiving comprehensive sexual healthcare this year. Read about Bahati’s story using iPlan here.
Do It Right! Campaign launches in Philippines
The Do It Right! campaign formally launched in the Philippines this month with a press conference that attracted over 40 media outlets. The campaign was even featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, stirring up plenty of positive buzz. Do It Right! is aimed at normalizing discussions around sexual health in the Philippines, and will include a festival, a game show, and other events. See a commercial from the campaign here.
New Josh Commercial Keeps
Condoms Fun
DKT Pakistan’s playful and boundary-pushing new commercial features Mathira Khan, Pakistani model and actress, and her husband. The two are at home enjoying a cricket match on TV but frequently take breaks from the action to get up to some action of their own, aided by Josh extra lube condoms.
Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics
In case you missed it, the 2018 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics have been released! Last year, 122 contraceptive social marketing programs generated 88.4 million Couple Years of Protection (CYPs), an increase of over eight million from 2017. These programs generated at least 10,000 CYPs in 65 different countries. You can find the full report, with individual and country program data, here .