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Important Ukraine Update to AfA Members from Airlink
Good morning,

We received inquiries from some of our members this week asking how their companies can provide services in support of the situation in Ukraine.

In response to these requests, I spoke to our friend Steve Smith, President & CEO of Airlink, a global humanitarian organization delivering critical aid to communities in crisis by providing airlift and logistical solutions to NGOs, (Non-Government Organizations) changing the way the humanitarian community responds to disasters around the world. 

After our call, Steve provided this update describing current needs and a word of caution for our members to consider as well. If you have any questions, please let us know or feel free to contact Steve directly.



Update from Airlink

Ukraine Response: Airlink is currently working with a few AfA members to launch airlift into surrounding states - Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. This response contemplates working with vetted and qualified shipments for NGOs that have knowledge of operations/needs on the ground. Current response update - 

How you can support Airlink:  Airlink's greatest need is in the following areas...
1) Cash to support operations
2) Air capacity to move NGO cargo - charters are good, but regular block space would also be helpful into bordering states of Ukraine or nearby that could be trucked the 'last mile'
3) Admin support - technical documentation clerk(s) - given the high level of entities wishing to support, Airlink is in need of surge capacity to support its operations.

For all these, please contact Donations can be made at

Finally, a word of caution to the AfA membership. Please be careful to avoid moving 'unsolicited' donations of items that are not being specifically requested by the lead response entities on the ground. Airlink advises that each of the host nations publish needs lists for critical items. This is mostly centered around medical supplies right now and any other resources should likely not be sent at this time. Here is a link to a podcast hosted by Airlink's CEO that discusses "Cash is Best" to ensure we avoid the "second disaster" of sending the wrong aid and clogging up the supply chain -

Steven J. Smith | President & CEO
Cell: +1-202-725-5881 | 1023 15th St. NW, #1100, Washington, DC 20005 USA
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