Ammo Can Update- The Rumors & The Reality

Rumors in this industry are nothing new, and lately it seems like nothing draws more rumors than ammo cans. We keep hearing they are being crushed, they won't be sold, you can buy all you want for $1 and every wild rumor in between.

Here are the facts- ammo cans are not being crushed and still get sold. However there are a lot less being sold compared to 10 years ago. There are several reasons for this. The first is that the military has been simply using less ammo in the last few years, so fewer cans work through the system. The second is that several years ago the military changed the way it ships much of the training ammunition. It used to be, as one example, that all the 5.56 ammo used in training was shipped just like operational ammo- packed in bandoleers in ammo cans. Several years ago they decided it did not make sense to pack ammo destined to be shot by basic trainees at stateside like that so now it comes in cardboard boxes in plastic wrap. That means a lot fewer cans get run through the system, so fewer get sold.

That has limited supply and driven prices up. Several things have happened as prices went up- the most notable being the Chinese made ammo cans showing up on the market. The Chinese are faking even the markings, and many less than honest dealers pull the "Made in China" stickers off so watch where you buy. If you see ammo cans in big retailers they are likely Chinese. If you buy from us we only sell real US Military cans, if you buy anywhere else we still want you to know what to look for to get the good stuff.

We do still get ammo cans, but because we try to keep prices sometimes we will go a period without them rather than selling them at higher prices. Right now we have the old favorites the 30 Caliber Ammo can for $13.95 and the 50 Caliber Ammo Can for $17.95- or we have our special where we do a combo deal with a 30 cal can inside a 50 cal can to save shipping space for $29.95. and we have a limited number of the larger 40mm cans for $28.95.

As always we are constantly increasing the number of items we also offer on, many of which qualify for free Prime shipping if you are a Prime member. Be sure to check our page there often to see what we have added!