The Diving Begins Key Largo, Florida
It's been two years since posting about that first day... too long my friends! And the first day is so much fun! I have no idea how I'm going to summarize all the amazing things from the day... here goes...

Lets Start from the beginning....
Due to the storm that is/was COVID 19, the pirates took safe harbor in Key Largo, Florida, and secured passage with Rainbow Reef Dive Operators. Pirates drove, flew, Ubered, it took many an effort to reach this destination and find our first respite of vittles and grog at Sharkey's, led by Hellen (Shark Bait Brit who re-conned our efforts and sorted us for Sunday's diving.) A big thank you to Susan who coordinated our travel and more... we made it!
Team Jared (JD)
Jared Davis, you made history with Dive Pirates today! You are the first person with quadriplegia from the neck down to join the crew, and the whole crew is celebrating your first dives today! You have an amazing family, friends from Waterdogs Scuba and Safety from Tennessee and assisting pirate crew who worked together to transport you via backboard on the boat, in the water and into the Atlantic where on your first dive you saw sharks!
Jared smiled all morning, and his son Collin and Uncle Paul swam alongside, quite a celebration of Father's Day!

Mom was topside and told me Jared said "I may be alive, but this is living."
Pirates, all of you, from our board members, to our auto pirates members to those who participate in our fundraisers, to those who give of their vacation time to make adaptive diving a reality for others... celebrate the day!

Pay it forward!
Keep stories like this coming by donating to the Dive Pirates Foundation. We currently have a golden ticket raffle now through June 23rd supporting these recipients. Click here to get yours! only $25 a piece for this Diver's Edition Watch by the Cincinnati Watch Co.

More tomorrow!!!!
on behalf of all of the crew...
Theresa the Terrible
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