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One in and One Out

It's not often we close on a $2.55 Million dollar home and the next day put a $2.67 Million home into title, but that happened Thursday and Friday. These are heady times for local real estate, especially within Fairview and Lucas.
Some Amazing Lovejoy ISD Home Statistics
In preparing for the YouTube interview you can see just below, I ran some statistics on Lovejoy ISD home sales this year vs last. I assumed there would have been many more sales this year than last because we've been in such a strong recovery, but I was wrong. There have been less home sales.

Last year there had been 74 Lovejoy home sales by April 16th and this year only 64. Yet the total Lovejoy home sales volume this year is $20 million more than last year. The reason is simple, Lovejoy prices have skyrocketed.

One thing that really stuck out to me is the number of Lovejoy home sales over $1 million this year vs last. Last year there had only been 7 by this time and this year there have already been 26. That's an amazing statistic.
2020 Lovejoy ISD Home Sales January 1 thru April 16

·      $45,414,000 - Total Volume
·      74 - Home Sales
·      $168.90 – Average Sale Price PSF
·      101 – Average Days on Market
·      7 – Homes Sold Over $1 Million

2021 Lovejoy ISD Home Sales Through the Same Period

·      $64,684,000 – Total Volume
·      64 – Home Sales
·      $217.76 – Average Sale Price PSF
·      52 – Average Days on Market
·      26 – Homes Sold Over $1 Million
Peeling Back the Layers of the Lovejoy ISD Problems

Covid began to impact our real estate market in March of last year. Although that's recovered very nicely, there are still lingering effects having a tremendous financial impact on Lovejoy ISD. Every public school district in Texas is feeling the sting but Lovejoy is especially vulnerable for several reasons.

There's been so much chatter regarding the difficult decisions the district is making to overcome these challenges, I thought it would be helpful to have a sit-down interview with both Chad Collins, president of the Lovejoy school board and Dr. Dennis Womack, the Interim Lovejoy ISD superintendent.

This was an unscripted interview and our own Carrie McClure was allowed to ask any question she wanted. She also reached out to the Lovejoy community and asked anyone interested to submit questions
May 15th is the Deadline to Contest Your Tax Assessment
Every year we offer to assist homeowners if they want to contest the tax assessment on their property. We provide them with sale comparables they can take to the Collin County Tax Appraisal office to plead their case.

Sometimes we see property tax valuations we pretty much agree with and other times they can be dramatically inflated. When that happens, it can cost you money.

This is a service we provide free of charge and there's no obligation. We consider it a public service and we're happy to do it. We'd sit with you for about 15 minutes and run some comparables.

If you decide to contest, it's painless and doesn't take much time. Worst case, they don't agree and you've lost nothing. Best case, they listen, agree with you and you've saved yourself some money.

Remember, each one of their agents has thousands of cases they'll be responsible for. They want to get their cases cleared and not have the homeowner take the next step, which is appeal. I've found them to be fair in most cases.

The key is to have your protest completed by May 15th. We'll be announcing the days and times for homeowners to sign up shortly after the county sends out their proposed assessments.
Our Closings this Week
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Approx. 1.258 Acres
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Please call or email me with any questions you might have. And if you'd like us to come out and give you a free opinion of value on your home, we'd be happy to. We represent both Buyers and Sellers throughout Collin County.