February 3, 2021
Important Dates Coming Up At Amana:

  • February 1st - March 1st: Black History Month

  • Wednesday, February 10th: 8th Grade Transition Meeting for Parents

  • Thursday, February 11th at Noon: Lunchtime Chat with the Principal

  • February 12th-15th: School Holiday
Black history has been a fundamental part of American history for centuries, and Black History Month (February 1st - March 1st) gives us all the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture. 

This month, our Amana community will explore the legacy of black changemakers whose value and contribution to society has changed our nation- and our world's- landscape forever. These figures include artists, scientists, writers, activists, and inventors whose stories are often neglected in history textbooks. 
This first week, our students will dive into the lives of two STEM changemakers- Katherine Johnson and Lewis Latimer.

Katherine Johnson was a sharp, meticulous mathematician who was best known for calculating the path for Freedom 7, the spacecraft that put the first U.S astronaut in space in the 1960’s. During her 30+ years at NASA, she calculated trajectory paths for space shuttles, pioneered the use of computers at NASA, and worked on plans for Mars missions. 

Lewis Latimer was a pioneer in his own way, working closely with Thomas Edison to patent the lightbulb. He also wrote the first book on electrical lighting in 1890 and oversaw the installation of electricity throughout major cities across the world. A self-taught inventor, he went on to work with Alexander Graham Bell to patent the telephone. Without Latimer’s ingenuity, our electrical industry would not look like what it does today. 

Each morning during Crew, and in daily lessons throughout the week, students will engage with these two individuals. We encourage you as a family to continue the conversations in your own home.

Here are some handy questions you can use to engage your child and challenge them to be reflective in their learning: 
  • How have Katherine and Lewis made your world a better place? 
  • In what ways did they demonstrate our High-5 Habits (courage, perseverance, respect, responsibility, compassion)? 
  • What lessons have you learned from their lives that you want to embody?

In the spirit of continued learning, below are some awesome books/podcasts/articles/videos we recommend to bring these two incredible changemakers alive in your home: 
  •  Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved the Apollo 13, by Helaine Becker 
  •  Lewis Latimer: The Man Behind a Better Lightbulb, by Nancy Dickmann
  • Girl Tales: Nova’s Lab! Meeting Katherine Johnson (Kids Listen Activity Podcast- link HERE)

As we all know, this work is continuous and does not stop here. We've formed a "Be The Light" Taskforce that will forge a 12-month work plan to integrate equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice into our learning culture at Amana. Please look out for more updates in the week to come regarding how our Amana families can get involved. Thank you!
All Students Follow
NEW Spring Daily Class Schedule

This past week, Amana's Face-to-Face AND Virtual students started following our NEW Spring daily class schedule. Please read below notes about this new schedule carefully:

  • Class Times: Crew (first class) begins each morning at 8:15am (Elementary School) and 8:00am (Middle School). Dismissal will be at 2:30pm. 
  • Accessing Lessons: Students will continue following Zoom lesson links and assignments on their Daily Lesson Documents. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and Seesaw. 
  • Asynchronous Friday's: Moving forward, ALL Friday's will be Asynchronous. This means that classes will be recorded and learning will be remote. F2F students will NOT be coming into the school building on Friday's.


Updates to Specials Lessons:

  • KG-3rd Grade:
  • In response to parent feedback that the K-3 simultaneous schedule is much longer for virtual students than what they were previously accustomed to, we have provided pre-recorded options for all the specials and Arabic classes in these grades. These recordings will allow students to participate in learning at a time that suits their unique scheduling needs. Students are still welcome to join live specials and Arabic except PE due to the active nature of the class. The following pre-recorded videos will be provided per week: 
  • Art - 1 recorded lesson
  • STEM - 1 recorded lesson
  • PE - 2 recorded lessons
  • Arabic - 1 recorded comprehensive lesson to cover content for the week

  • 4th-5th Grade:
  • In response to parent feedback that the K-5 simultaneous schedule is longer for virtual students than what they were accustomed to, we have provided pre-recorded options for all specials classes in these grades. These recordings will allow students to participate in specials classes at a time that suits their unique scheduling needs. Students are still welcome to join live specials except PE due to the active nature of the class. The following pre-recorded videos will be provided per week: 
  • Art - 1 recorded lesson
  • STEM - 1 recorded lesson
  • PE - 2 recorded lessons
  • Arabic - recordings will still be provided after the live classes. 

  • Middle School:
  • PE will be pre-recorded for virtual MS students to complete. MS students should still sign in at the beginning of the live PE session for attendance purposes and then log off to complete the pre-recorded lesson activity.
  • All other MS specials will be live. 
Have You Toured Amana's
Brand New Website?

We're so excited to unveil our new Amana Academy website! You can access it here: www.amanaacademy.org. We've put together a quick video tour to make sure you're able to navigate the new site. Click below to view!
Sign Up for 8th Grade Graduation Committee

8th Grade Graduation Committee - SIGN UP (ONLY 6 spots left)
From your Committee lead, Shakirah Sconion Milford

The time has come to start planning for 8th-grade graduation. It's important that we plan early because as we've seen recently things can be unpredictable. I welcome 8th-grade parents and 7th-grade parents to help with ideas and volunteering. I myself helped with 8th-grade graduation before to allow the 8th-grade parents to actually get to relax and not have to volunteer on the actual graduation date. I'm hoping for us 8th-grade parents to be afforded that this time around. We need all the help we can get so please sign up to join the committee.

Sign up Genius Link:
PTO Shoe Drive: Donate Your Used Shoes!

Amana PTO is working with a local non-profit to be of service by asking that our community support H.E.A.L (Help Educate Assist Lives) by donating gently used shoes (all sizes, colors, styles, adults, and children).

H.E.A.L (https://heal-lives.org/) focuses on providing basic needs and educational resources for orphans and underprivileged youth in the communities we serve, with the purpose of creating a better living and learning environment. The organization provides services, funds, and material goods to communities in Liberia. 

We are pleased to partner with them and extend our #WeAreCrew spirit outside of our walls and into the world.  

Please drop your shoes in the bins that will be available in front of the PTO offices from Tuesday, January 19th - February 28th.

Thanks as always for your partnership in making Amana principles a part of the world's norms!

COVID-19 Reporting for ALL Amana Families

ALL AMANA FAMILIES - whether your child is returning Virtually OR F2F - are expected to fill out this COVID-19 Reporting Form if your Amana student fits into one or more of these categories:

  • Has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 15 days
  • Currently waiting for the results of a test for COVID-19
  • Has been in close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 mins) in the past 15 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19

If your child meets any of the above criteria or is ill or unwell: DO NOT send your students to school until you have spoken with Amana’s clinician (Ms. Fowler).

COVID-19 Report Form can be found on our main site North Fulton -> Parents > COVID-19 Form
Help Desk & Tech Support Phone Numbers

If you have any questions or need general tech support, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team below:

  • 7:00am - 10:00am : Morning Support Line: email somar@amanaacademy.org
  • 10:00am - 12:00pm : Support Line #1: (470)-456-1082
  • 12:00pm - 2:00pm : Support Line #2: 770-329-3406 
  • 2:00pm - 4:00pm : Support Line #3: (470)-456-1011

Reporting an Absence:

To report a student absent from school, please go to Amana's NEW website and click:

  1. North Fulton
  2. Parents
  3. Attendance Form
  4. Complete and submit the form

8th Grade Parents: Fulton County
Magnet High School Application Dates

Innovation Academy
  • Application Dates: October 15 - December 15
  • Visit their application site here
  • North Fulton STEM Charter School

North Springs High School
  • Application Dates: November 15- January 15
  • Visit their application site here 
  • Fulton County Charter School: North and South

Global Impact Academy 
  • Application Dates: October 15- December 15
  • Visit their application site here 
  • South Fulton STEM Charter School

Riverwood High School 
  • Application Dates: November 15- January 15
  • Visit their application site here 
  • Fulton County Charter School- North and South

Northview High School 
  • 3DE Program by Junior Achievement 
  • Click here for more information about this program
  • North Fulton Charter School

Tri Cities High School
  • Click here for information
  • South Fulton Charter School

Westlake High School
  • Application Dates: November 15-January 15
  • Visit their application site here
  • South Fulton Charter School 

For more questions, please email Ms. Jaime Albright at jalbright@amanaacademy.org.
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