April, 2024

Making Connections

Our most anticipated evening of the year unfolded on Friday, March 8th. The members of The Next Stop experienced once more a profound sense of ownership and achievement during our annual family dinner

themed "Making Connections".

Over the course of many weeks, they prepared 25 lasagnas and an abundance of desserts. They tie-dyed their own t-shirts to wear and

invested many hours rehearsing a splendid musical performance.

Some greeted guests, some dismissed tables of guests to the

dinner line and some served desserts.

It was their night to feel fulfilled.

It was their night to enjoy.

It was their night to shine!

Why themed "Making Connections"? During the fall of 2023 our music therapy activities included finding and celebrating commonalities among us. We have learned that although we have many differences, we have many more similarities that bring us together. Finding connections helps us relate to one another, find common ground to stand upon and develop friendships. It connects our hearts and opens up opportunities to learn and grow with each other.

Atlanta Vibe

As you might know, the Atlanta Vibe is a new professional ladies indoor volleyball team whose home turf is the Gas South Arena. They are a part of the Pro Volleyball Federation which is currently playing their inaugural season. Some of The Next Stop family were there to cheer the Vibe on to victory at their first home game in February.

Welcome Back

The Next Stop is delighted to announce the return of a special long-term volunteer and friend, Wendi Clark. She has recently joined our staff in the role of Activity Director. She volunteered for our original special needs ministry called Night Lights in 2005-2007 and then intermittently for The Next Stop. Her journey took her to a local day program two years ago where she continued to positively impact those she served.

Her experience with us, her deep understanding and support of our mission and her heart for adults with special needs has made her a perfect fit for this new position. The Next Stop family is thrilled to have her back "home"!



Making Connections Family Dinner


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