Steubenville High School
Alumni Spotlight
Sunday, May 27, 2018

We are the Pride, We are the Tradition,
We are BIG RED!
Megan Presley 'Class of 2007'
                THEN- 2007                                                 NOW- 2018
Megan Presley, 2007 Big Red graduate (Doctor of Audiology) is a clinical Audiologist at Davison Audiology. Megan conducts hearing evaluations on patients of all ages and assess their hearing needs. If warranted, she fits individuals with amplification devices in order to help them communicate more effectively.

Significant Achievements
Outstanding Graduate Student in Audiology Award from Ohio University
Participant in Starkey Hearing Technology's 2017 Entrepreneurial Program

Favorite high school memory
Cheering at Harding Stadium on Friday nights!

Advice to the Class of 2018
Take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you! Take this time to explore EVERYTHING and decide what makes you happy!

Megan-Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Steubenville City Schools! We are excited to share your success story with all of Big Red Nation!
Big Red Nation is so proud!
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