Best New Age, Ambient or Chant Album

ARTIST: Peruquois (Perukua)

ALBUM: Altering States

26 years ago my teacher and first husband, Native American medicine man prohibited me to sing with this voice.

He said “you are not ready for such power and the world is not ready either”

For years I explored and mastered my voice and now its healing effect is scientifically proven. And the world is ready for it too, hence up to 6000 people come to my solo-performances.

In my 11th album I used this type of complex overtone singing so Altering States can live up to it’s name.

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Please listen only in headphones. These songs due to my special polyphonic overtone singing (sometimes with up to 3 overtones over the main voice) have noticable and measured psychosonic effect.

That allows album live up to its name – Altering States.


Peruquois shines into the world with the very essence of feminine nature


Grammy® nominated mantra singer

I have never heard anything quite like this. Peruquois voice is mystical, other-worldly, wickedly passionate… and utterly unique. Prepare for a journey you will never forget.


Music critique, ex-Billboard

“A truly fantastic performance that immerses you in a deep, profound musical journey. She skillfully conveys a powerful sense of passion and high vibration through her captivating voice and mesmerizing music".


Grammy® award winning music producer

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